Nov 3 2011

Tips To Understand Women

We aren’t complex creatures, really we aren’t. We eat, sleep and drink the same as men. It appears it’s just our minds that are wired differently.

This week’s video includes tips to help you better understand women. You’re welcome.

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Further tips and suggestions are welcomed in the comments below. Oh and if there’s anything else you’d like my extreme opinion on, feel free to ask :)

M xox

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  1. Matt T says:

    Okay Mel: What’s the correct answer to the dangerous question of “How do I look in this?” Or the nuclear variant “Does/Do this/these X make me look fat?”

    Or, is the real answer, there is no good answer?

  2. Uncle Illya says:

    One more thing: all those fancy smells and cute knick-knacks women like to have around the place? They make our lives better too, but we would never ever think of getting them.

    It’s not hard to understand women. It just takes two things: 1. Love them. No, really. Not just want them. (Ahem.) And by women, I mean women. Not just the pretty ones. You just gotta love them for being female,with no other qualifications. And 2. Pay attention. No, really. Not just when you want them. (Ahem.) But if you love them, this is not hard.

    Gorgeous, as always, Mel.

  3. Mark Batchelor says:

    Liking the bling Mel!

    Guys, girls/ladies unburdening their problems on us don’t want answers, advice, or a solution unless they specifically ask for it, unlike us blokes (that’s why we share). They only want us to understand they are tackling a problem, and be reassured that we’re there for them, and fully supportive. They’re smart enough to work out the solution for themselves. Only if they ask you directly a specific question ‘what should I do? or how should I handle x,y,z?’ should you tactfully suggest some courses of action with a supporting rationale – then if they want to discuss it, do, if they don’t leave it, and switch back to ‘support, reassurance, caring mode’. Then offer to go do something they’ll enjoy. If they don’t want anything, do something they’ll appreciate anyway! They will thank you for it, maybe not immediately, but eventually.

    Happy Thursday! ;o)

  4. John says:

    I never fail to be amazed by your beauty.

  5. Mark Batchelor says:

    Woops! Don’t know what happened there. Posted my reply – and it came up as ‘Mel says’ ….. hmmm confounded by the fairer sex again!!!!

    It’s me saying ‘Lol – Yes, one of the lessons from my (former) married life!’ :o )

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