Dec 13 2011

Professional Tube Crusher; hells to the yeah!

A little while ago, I came across an awesome little site called Not only does the concept kinda validify what you always wished you could do, but also provides you with a little form of entertainment whilst resembling a sardine on the bloody Victoria line!

Having tweeted my finds regularly, it’s fair to say I’ve made a few boo-boos along the way. For example, not turning my phone on to silent… three times, having the camera shooting the wrong way… once, leaving my flash on… twice. The last time, the very best I could muster was “busted” before shuffling along the carriage. To celebrate my amazing failures, the lovely guys at Tube Crush made this for me:

I think this is now certification that I am the real life Bridget Jones. But heck, what an achievement. Thanks guys! x

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  1. James says:

    Mel, you’re too funny.

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