First Day Home. He so excited to get his new home and he make a moonwalk.
  • 16.09.2022
  • 64707

Jason's First Day Home at BDHH After being in recovery for more than a year, Jason was finally ready to move out on his own. He had been at BDHH for four months while saving up money for a car. He recently spent his first night in his own bed and said he enjoyed the peace and quiet it offered. He says he looks forward to keeping his own place and buying frames for his drawings.

Yorkie puppy vs. Ferret. Who knew they would become such fast friends.
  • 16.09.2022
  • 9872

Yorkie Puppy Vs Ferret Ferrets and dogs are two different animals, but they can be friendly if you know what you're doing. Since both are domesticated, they are used to getting along with each other, so a dog and a ferret are likely to get along just fine. However, you should be cautious and supervise interactions between the two animals.

Shih Tzu Dog makes Baby laugh very happy
  • 01.09.2022
  • 24457

Shih Tzu Dog Makes Baby Laugh Very Happy Shih Tzu Dogs love to be held and cuddled. They are very affectionate and will roll over to seek belly rubbings. They also wiggle their bum and wag their tails. When they feel affectionate, they will make very happy noises.

Priceless Yorkie Puppy Puppies Playing with newborn baby
  • 09.08.2022
  • 50550

Priceless Yorkie Puppy Puppies Playing With a Newborn Baby This adorable video of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy playing with a newborn baby has gone viral. It shows the pup playing with the baby, knocking it over and jumping up and down. It was uploaded to YouTube in August 2010 and has received over 11 million views.

Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Animal Fails.
  • 05.08.2022
  • 13556

Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Animal Fails Funny animal fails are among the most hilarious things to watch. These compilations feature animals acting like humans and interacting with the environment. They are incredibly adorable, and you can't help but laugh. You may even find yourself squealing in laughter at some of the zany antics.

Shih Tzu Angry at Returning soldiers
  • 03.08.2022
  • 8839

Shih Tzu Angry at Returning Soldiers Shih Tzus get along well with people and other pets. They get along with cats and other small pets. This makes them a great pet choice for households with other pets. In addition, Shih Tzus can get along well with children and other pets.

Sweet Yorkie puppy attack my baby boy.
  • 30.07.2022
  • 189417

Will My Sweet Yorkie Puppy Attack My Baby Boy? My baby boy is two months old, and I am worried that my Yorkie puppy will attack him. The Yorkie is very cute, but can be very sneaky. He will sneak up on your baby if you're not paying attention. If the Yorkie can't hear you, he will pounce on the baby.

Husky Protects Baby From Dad!!
  • 28.07.2022
  • 6943

Husky Protects Baby From Dad Several videos have appeared on social media of a Husky rushing to the side of a child who was vacuuming. The video was a success with many people latching onto the "cute" aspect of the video. However, the actual "behavior" shown in the video is not something to be proud of. A Husky may be a wonderful companion but he or she is not allowed to be a babysitter. The dog will be protective and will check the baby's health. A professional dog trainer will be able to advise you if there is a problem. The most important point to remember is to never leave an infant alone with a dog. A baby's immune system is more fragile when it is young. Taking the time to socialize your dog is the best way to establish his or her good behavior. It is also important to make sure that you communicate well with your dog so that he or she knows not to go near your infant. A dog may show signs of affection by licking the face or rear end of your child. This does not mean that he or she loves your child. Some people have even mistaken a dog's resource-guarding behavior for protection. An accredited trainer, Jacqui Zakar, has outlined how resource guarding can occur and how to prevent it. He or she also explains why it is a bad idea to have a dog that is protecting the family's resources.

Doug meets a turtle
  • 26.07.2022
  • 9206

Doug Meets a Turtle - The Most Memorable Moments in the Movie This time in the movie Doug Meets a Turtle, we see how the characters cope with unexpected events. The kids are able to relate to the situation in a number of ways. For example, they learn about the importance of kindness and how to make friends easily. But what happens when the kids are unable to get along? The story is also filled with other humorous moments. Here are some of the most memorable moments of Doug Meets a Turtle. The main characters in Doug Meets a Turtle are two high school seniors who play around with each other and tease each other. The first character, named Doug, is a high school senior who is focusing on his talent and determination rather than his inheritance. His two Olympic gold medals and TV star status give him lifelong street cred, but he's not interested in Westing Game. The story of Doug and the Turtle reveals the pitfalls of being too ambitious and achieving too much too quickly. The second character, Doug, has the same character trait, and it is not an accident, but rather a natural occurrence. The turtle, named Doug, was found in the water at Belleair Beach on December 1, 2018. He appeared lethargic but had no apparent physical abnormalities. Initially, he was treated with fluids and vitamins. As a member of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Doug also enjoyed koi. He was a member of the First Coast Koi Club.

Going Back to the Vet. Cute and Funny Shih Tzu Dog Video
  • 24.07.2022
  • 4631

Cute and Funny Shih Tzu Dog Video This adorable video of a shih tzu puppy going back to the vet is definitely worth watching. The owner panicked, so she paid the emergency vet PS250 ($315). It turns out the dog was just reverse sneezing! Luckily, the dog didn't suffer any major injuries, but the video has gained the attention of many dog lovers. In fact, the video has already received 1331 re-shares! Shih Tzu dogs love attention and thrive on personal attention. They need at least 20 minutes of daily exercise, and they bark quite a bit. They also need a lot of exercise to stay healthy and happy. Their life expectancy is eleven to fourteen years. A recent study by Finances Online shows the Shih Tzu will become the seventh most popular dog in the world by 2020! Despite their small size, the Shih Tzu dog is the perfect companion for children and adults. Though Shih Tzu dogs are known to be playful and affectionate, they can also be naughty. But if they are well-socialized, they behave better than their more spoiled peers. Aside from being sweet, Shih Tzu dogs are also good for apartments and homes without backyards. While you may not notice any obvious signs of disease, you should take your Shih Tzu to the vet if it exhibits any of these symptoms. These symptoms may be temporary, or they may be a sign of a serious disease. A visit to the vet is a good idea whenever you think your Shih Tzu has developed a new problem or is showing signs of illness.

Stray puppy looking for grain dropped from train
  • 23.07.2022
  • 4047

Stray Puppy Looking For Grains Dropped From Trains You've probably seen pictures of the stray puppy looking for grains dropped from trains and thought to yourself, "How can a train driver leave that puppy in the middle of the road?" I've got good news: a Russian man did just that. Yegor and his friend, Boris and Vasily Krymkov, stopped the train and took the puppy in. A few days later, the puppy was rescued.

Yorkie Keeps 3-Year-Old Safe After Getting Lost in Missouri Cornfield Overnight
  • 18.07.2022
  • 17191

Yorkie Keeps 3-Year-Old Safe After Getting Lost in a Cornfield Overnight A Yorkie keeps a 3-year-old child safe after getting lost in a Missouri cornfield overnight. Despite being a tiny dog, Remy was able to stay alert and keep her safe, while her owner was unable to do so. The search for Remy intensified as the day grew hotter, and she hadn't been able to drink water since getting lost in the cornfield. Rescue workers began to suffer from heat exhaustion and dehydration as they searched for Remy. A 3-year-old girl was reported missing Thursday night in Qulin, Missouri. A search party of more than 100 volunteers, including helicopters, was launched to find her. It was not long before rescuers discovered the toddler with the help of a Yorkie terrier named "Fat Heath." A volunteer search team was formed and started sniffing through the cornfield overnight. After eight o'clock in the morning, the tiny dog's voice began to yip. Finally, the searchers found the girl and her Yorkie, and they reunited the young family. The girl was unharmed other than some mosquito bites. As an added bonus, Fat Heath is now named Hero Heath after his heroic actions. Remy Merritt disappeared from the front yard of her home in Missouri during the night, leaving her mother disoriented and distraught. Her mother realized she had left her daughter in the cornfield and had not returned. But she did not think of the Yorkie's safety until too late. After searching in the eight-foot-high cornfield, she finally found Remy half a mile away.

Yorkshire Terrier Hiding Under Bed
  • 17.07.2022
  • 5600

Why Is My Yorkshire Terrier Hiding Under Bed? If your Yorkshire Terrier is hiding under the bed, it may be due to several reasons. These include illness, injuries, or boredom. If you suspect your Yorkshire Terrier is avoiding you, visit a veterinarian. There are many tips you can use to deal with your Yorkie's anxiety. Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs and are sensitive to temperature changes, so you may want to consider placing a dog-proof cage under your bed. If you see food or treats lying around your bed or backyard, your dog may be hiding in a stash. If you notice your Yorkie with its mouth full, he is most likely on a mission to stash something. If you notice your Yorkshire Terrier's food is gone for several hours, consider taking it to a veterinarian and seeing if there are any other causes for the behavior. In extreme cases, however, your Yorkie may be a hoarder, and your best bet is to avoid punishing your dog for this behavior. The cause of your Yorkie's fearful behavior may be something that's out of sight. You might notice that they're looking in a direction or pick up scents of faraway animals. Then, it's time to take action. Don't let them out until they calm down. Your Yorkie will most likely try to escape once they get out of the cage. If your Yorkshire Terrier has been hiding under the bed for a long time, it could be an indication of an underlying health problem.

Paxton Teacup Yorkie Loves Getting Into His Car Seat. So cute baby
  • 15.07.2022
  • 6881

Paxton Teacup Yorkie Loves Getting Into His Car Seat! So Cute! Paxton Teacup Yorkie Loves to Get Into His Car Seat! So Cute! This video shows his adorable antics while getting into his car seat! It's a great way to bond with your little one before heading out the door. Paxton loves his car seat and looks very happy to be in it! If you're considering purchasing a car seat for your little one, make sure you check out the best models available! A car seat is a must for any puppy or dog, especially a Yorkie! Yorkies love being tucked into your lap and cuddled on your side, but you need to ensure their safety. Use a properly installed, certified car seat for your dog. It won't only keep your little one safe, but will also keep them from getting car sickness!

Zaiden the Yorkie waking up his humans!
  • 24.06.2022
  • 7778

Zaiden the Yorkie Waking Up His Humans Every Morning! Zaiden the Yorkie is waking up his humans every morning! That is one thing he loves, so you can't blame him! Unless he's in the wrong position, your bed is a potential danger zone for him. Here are some tips to prevent your Yorkie from waking up your humans. By following these guidelines, you'll be on your way to a more peaceful sleep. First of all, if you've ever thought your dog was a troublemaker, you've probably wondered if that's the case with Zaiden. The adorable little yorkie has taken TikTok by storm. His owner chronicles his struggles in waking up his humans on his @eddieonwheels account, which has over twelve million followers and 620k followers. You might think your Yorkie doesn't really need to wake you up, but that's not necessarily the case! A dog may be waking you up for many reasons, from a bathroom need to a hungry stomach. Just like humans, dogs will wake you up if they detect a smell of food. And once you learn to recognize this, your Yorkie will start to mimic your behavior!

Labrador father teaches his puppies to swim
  • 24.06.2022
  • 2783

Labrador Father Teach His Puppies to Swim One Labrador father demonstrates how he teaches his litter to swim. He brings his litter to a pond and teaches them to swim. It seems to make perfect sense. Puppies learn best when their father is around. Even if the puppies aren't terribly good swimmers, they'll learn quickly. This method of training is effective in both puppies and adults. But it's not always easy to achieve. A video of a Labrador father teaching his puppies to swim is so heartwarming. In it, six pups follow their dad down the path to the pond and race to the water. While the bravest pup follows their dad into the water, the other five pups follow him and begin dipping their paws in the water. Soon, all the pups are jumping in the water, too! Whether the pups are learning to swim for the first time or taking their first plunge into the water, the Lab dad is showing them how to swim. His patience and affectionate nature will be evident in their reaction to this amazing feat. Watching this video will give you a unique insight into how Lab dads love their pups. So, why not give your pups a chance to follow him? The father is patient and decides to return to land for a break. Taking advantage of this precious family time, he keeps a close eye on his pups and seeks out the lagging pup. If they're struggling to swim, they'll get it! If you're thinking about buying a Lab, here are a few tips to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Absolutely the sweetest video. Make sure your kids watch this video.
  • 23.06.2022
  • 1359

Absolutely the Sweetest Video to Watch With Your Kids Are you looking for absolutely the sweetest video to watch with your kids? If so, then look no further. Check out the video below and let your kids know that it is well worth the watch. You'll definitely be a hit! It's the perfect mix of cuteness and heart-wrenching sentiment! The video has been viewed more than a billion times, so make sure your kids watch it!

Yorkie puppy watching TV. Priceless reactions.
  • 22.06.2022
  • 1059

Yorkie Puppy Watching TV - Priceless Reactions You've probably seen these videos of your Yorkie puppy watching television: Priceless reactions. You might be wondering why this happens and why the puppy acts so fearful. It's possible that your puppy is picking up something from the TV's distant sound or smelling a strange animal. Or it could be a completely random cause. In either case, you'll want to pay close attention to this puppy's behavior. Some of these changes may be affecting your Yorkie's daily routine and making him or her feel stressed. Consider whether you've changed the routine for your Yorkie or if there's a school vacation looming on the horizon. Adding an extra walk to your routine or increasing your walks by 10 minutes a day will help your Yorkie feel better about the situation. Another social media sensation is a Husky named Penelopii. She has a page on TikTok, Instagram, and Reddit dedicated to her adorable videos of her enjoying various things on television. Her video of her watching a trampoline ad went viral. Watching the video of her reaction is priceless! You might be surprised at the emotional investment your Yorkie makes in you.

Cute Yorkie playing with baby's foot. They are so cute
  • 22.06.2022
  • 2333

Cute Yorkie Playing With Baby's Foot If you've ever seen a Yorkie, you know how adorable it can be to play with a baby's foot. You may even think of buying one for yourself. The cuteness factor is immense, and they are extremely loyal. This breed is also known for their bad teeth. However, if you notice a Yorkie sticking its tongue out while playing, it may be because it has lost its dentures. They are also notoriously playful, and will chase after your toy until it's completely covered. Another reason why Yorkies are so adorable is because of their cuteness. The only downside is that they can be very challenging to train. If you don't want your dog to bite your baby, you should not force him to play with your child's foot. If you'd like your dog to be a good playmate, you need to put in the time to train him or her. Yorkies are good with other pets in the household, but they don't get along well with strangers. If your Yorkie is a tinier one, keep it away from big dogs as they might accidentally fall on it. Also, keep them away from unfamiliar dogs, as they can get bossy and showy. You can even buy a Yorkie themed gift guide. These cute items will surely delight your pet!

Hungry shih tzu throws a tantrum
  • 22.06.2022
  • 3059

How to Stop a Hungry Shih Tzu Throwing a Tantrum If your shih tzu is constantly begging for food, it may be time to take some action. A good way to stop your shih tzu from begging for food is to establish yourself as the alpha in the pack. The first step to establish yourself as the alpha is to control the amount of treats and attention given to your dog. You should only give treats to your shih tzu after 5 minutes of calm behavior. If your shih tzu continues to beg for food, it is important to ignore it or reposition yourself as the alpha. Small breed dogs are prone to overeating. Extra food can lead to chubbiness. Obesity in a dog can lead to serious health problems and shorten their life. You can easily check your Shih tzu's weight by feeling underneath the fur. If you cannot feel any ribs underneath the fur, your shih tzu is too fat. Obese shih tzus may have trouble with basic tasks. Often, your shih tzu's hunger may be caused by several things. An active dog may need more calories than an inactive one, which is why you should choose a food with a high energy density. Some dogs may have intestinal parasites, which can increase their appetite. A dog with diabetes is prone to this type of condition, so make sure to watch your dog closely if it starts whining for food.

Adorable Yorkie puppy could be the world's smallest baby
  • 21.06.2022
  • 1243

Adorable Yorkie Puppy Could Be the World's Tiniest Baby An adorable Yorkie puppy may be the world's tiniest baby! Angel is only 163 grams and could be the world's tiniest baby! Her owners, Kim Passero and John Cannon, didn't think the dog would survive, and they were worried about her congenital abnormality. Luckily, Angel is doing well and gaining weight! If you're looking for a companion for your child, then a Yorkie puppy might be the perfect fit. Yorkies are playful and full of energy, but you should always keep an eye on them while they're playing. They can be a little bit unruly and may get into a little mischief if they're not properly controlled. A Yorkie's fur is soft and flowing, but it's not a mess! While it's not uncommon for a teacup-sized puppy to grow into a full-size dog, the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America says that extra-small dogs are susceptible to health problems. Consequently, the breed's small size increases the risk of health problems in its owners. Even if the teacup Yorkie is smaller than a baby, its fragile bones make it more susceptible to health issues. Although their size may be deceptive, the toy dog is extremely adorable! These tiny dogs have adorable coats and love playing fetch with their owners. They can even be tucked in a child's shirt during the night! Some of the most adorable Yorkie puppies are named after their owners. These puppies can sell for upwards of $1,500! So, if you're looking for a tiny companion, a Yorkie might be perfect for you!

Zola Belle the Yorkie Gets REALLY Excited when Her Daddy Gets Home
  • 21.06.2022
  • 1316

Zola Belle the Yorkie Gets REALLY Excited When Her Daddy Gets Home You've probably noticed that your little Yorkie gets really excited when her Daddy gets home. You can tell by the way that her tail starts spinning when he comes home. This adorable video is a hilarious demonstration of a true Yorkie trait - excitement! Watch Zola Belle the Yorkie get really excited when her Daddy comes home to meet you! First, you have to understand that your puppy will likely throw a tantrum if he comes home to work early. Don't give in to your puppy's tantrum - it only prolongs the situation. When a dog's behavior is strange, try de-sensitization and positive reinforcement. Consistency will help. Besides the excitement that your new dog will give you, consider getting another dog for your family. Yorkies thrive with a second dog, so having another will mean double the love and work. If you have a dog already, make sure to house train your new addition first, and introduce your second dog slowly. This will make the transition between dogs easier. You may also want to socialize your new pet.

Cute Bulldog Puppy Reads His Mom The Riot Act
  • 20.06.2022
  • 4677

Cute Bulldog Puppy Reads His Mom the Riot Act Watch as this Cute Bulldog Puppy Reads His Mother the Riot Act. This adorable video will make you laugh and cry at the same time. It will also give you a good laugh at a pet's cleft lip and perma-sneer. The bulldog puppy has been spoiled rotten by his owners, as he mouths off to them every day and barks in the cutest way possible. A mother-daughter duo had a rough day, and their little pup was no exception. After a particularly bad day, Bruley decides to read his mom the riot act. He even recorded it for the rest of the family. Watch the adorable video to see the hilarious way Bruley reacts to his mom's law! Watch this adorable video to learn more about this adorable dog! Elvis wants his mom to clean him, but his mama doesn't listen. He throws a tantrum and gets dirty in the process. But after he apologizes to his mother, he gets back to snuggling with his mom. This sweet video makes the world of bulldogs laugh. And it's a great reminder of the importance of respecting your pet! If you've ever had a bulldog pup, you'll understand how much this little guy loves his mama!

Abba And Cleo: And So We Meet Again
  • 20.06.2022
  • 1945

Abba And Cleo - And So We Meet Again ABBA's second album, And So We Meet Again, was released late last November. Its lead single, "One of Us," is one of the band's best, and is one of the most well known songs of the decade. One of its songs, "Head Over Heels," is a poignant tale of a fashion model's heartbreak. The video for "Two for the Price of One" is hilarious and reveals ABBA's melancholy side. It's easy to see how animals may develop close bonds with different species, but the same doesn't always happen. We have all probably seen animals bonding with lizards, snakes, or fish. This video shows the interaction between two different species of animals. In the movie, a Shih Tzu and African lovebird form a deep bond with each other. But is this truly a bond between two species?

Yorkie protects mom from kids
  • 20.06.2022
  • 6294

Yorkie Protects Mom From Kids One Toronto mom is sharing the story of how her Yorkie Macy saved her life from a coyote. The video captured the incident in the Scarborough neighborhood and has gone viral on the Internet. Lily Kwan was walking her Yorkie Macy one evening when the coyote began to chase her. She quickly ran to the rescue and fought the coyote with the boldness of a dog ten times her size. A neighbor's home security camera captured the harrowing scene of the encounter. It shows Lily running frantically while a coyote knocks over Macy, her owner's Yorkie. The coyote knocked Macy down, but the tiny dog righted herself and began to fight the coyote. The mother and daughter are very grateful that the Yorkie was able to save their little girl. A Yorkie is also excellent at guarding. These tiny dogs are known for their feisty nature and may bark when someone is approaching. They are highly trainable and can be socialized to be good watchdogs. And their hair is very close to a human's, so they'll be great for petting! And if you have young children, the Yorkie will protect mom from them!

English Bulldog puppies climb out of their pen to go play!
  • 19.06.2022
  • 1047

English Bulldog Puppies Can Climb Out of Their Pen to Go Play! English Bulldogs have a remarkably loyal and affectionate nature. Their affection and calm demeanor have made them a favorite companion for many generations. Puppies of this breed can even climb out of their pens and go outside to play with their siblings. You'll need to keep your children away from their food bowl, which they can chew on. They also need plenty of attention from you and your family. You can train your bulldog to climb stairs by using treats. Place a treat on each step and then direct it to the treat. At first, your bulldog may have a difficult time climbing stairs, but over time, he will grow accustomed to it. When he reaches the top, he will likely want to climb stairs. You can then move the treat to a higher location so that he can reach it. Fortunately, despite these challenges, English Bulldog puppies usually outgrow these problems with patience and love. When you let your puppy play with their toys and climb out of their pen, they will eventually stop to look up at you. This joyful sight is the reward of a successful breeding program. But be sure to take your time so that your puppy does not get frustrated by a lack of attention. Although bull-baiting was outlawed in England in 1835, many people feared that the Bulldog was doomed. It was not the most affectionate breed, and many people believed that its popularity would decline. But because the breed was selectively bred to be bull-baiters, many people still loved the dog's strength and intelligence. And fortunately, a few individuals recognized the Bulldog's strength and determined to save its appearance.

How Shih Tzu Mom teaching her 7 wks old
  • 19.06.2022
  • 1120

How Shih Tzu Mom Teaching Her 7 Wk Old Puppy As the mother of a seven-week-old Shih Tzu pup, it's important to know how to potty train her pup. While she may not be ready yet to train a whole new world, you can begin by teaching your pup the basics. Sit and lie down are crucial commands for a wide range of behaviors. Once he knows how to sit and lie down, you can introduce other tricks, such as play dead. Using a combination of physical demonstration, voice commands, and hand gestures, you can teach your puppy to perform tricks. As the Shih Tzu puppy approaches its adolescent stage, she will begin to hold her tail. It still wags happily around her body but now has a little more strength to hold it over her body. As her adolescent stage begins, she will start to understand the hierarchy of the household and how her behavior affects other members of the pack. She will also begin to develop her true voice, which she will be able to hear between three and four weeks of age. One of the most important aspects of training your Shih Tzu is making it comfortable and fun for your little pup. Although Shih Tzus are extremely social and enjoy spending time with people, this small size can be a challenge. Be sure to make sure your pup gets plenty of exercise and playtime with your family. If your pup is not ready for a full day of play, give him an extended break to relieve himself.

Feeding Newborn Tea Cup Yorkie
  • 19.06.2022
  • 129412

Feeding Newborn Tea Cup Yorkies The first few weeks after a new baby is the most delicate time to begin feeding your Tea Cup Yorkie. Your pup's diet will be entirely dependent on your milk. As you can imagine, nursing consumes a large amount of energy and calorie intake for the mother. Fortunately, you can feed your Yorkie high-quality dog food. A vet can recommend an appropriate feeding schedule for nursing Yorkies. You should feed your Yorkie a high-quality food to ensure the health of the pup's developing organs. However, some commercial dog food contains meat by-products, including road-kill, animal body parts, and fillers with little nutritional value. As a result, some of this food simply passes through your puppy's body without providing nutrients. Inadequate nutrition will result in behavioral problems and decreased development. To feed your Yorkie properly, start by giving him only those foods that contain animal protein. It's important to keep in mind that humans need animal protein as well. Yorkies need vegetables, too, like spinach, broccoli, and pumpkin. However, chocolate is not good for a Yorkie's health, and you should avoid feeding it to your dog. It can cause serious problems, including seizures and muscle tremors. If you want to make sure that your Yorkie's health is protected, give him a visit every once in a while. You can also use newspapers to cover your puppy's whelping box. Newspaper is comfortable for your Yorkie and prevents suffocation. As your Yorkie grows, you should change the bedding. A fluffy blanket or towel will help prevent your pup from becoming too hot or cold. Keep in mind that teacup Yorkies are small, and therefore require special care when eating and drinking.

It’s Canning Time! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 18.06.2022
  • 847

Cute & Funny Dachshund Dog Video! This cute dachshund dog video has become a viral sensation over the last month. It was uploaded to YouTube by the owner, Crusoe the Dachshund. The video was made to the tune of the Bee Gees' 1977 song "Stayin' Alive" and 50 Cent's 2003 track "In Da Club." The caption, "It's Canning Time!" is a play on the nickname given to the breed. The video has since gained over 3.3 million views and more than 452,000 likes.

Dachshund Vs. Penguin
  • 17.06.2022
  • 1804

Dachshund Vs Penguin The classic battle of the sexes is one of the most heartwarming and entertaining to watch, and this newest video features two furry felines - a penguin and a dachshund. The video features Rocky the Dachshund, who is confused about his new playmate and possesses priceless reactions. In the end, Rocky takes the win! Watch the hilarious clip below to see which will win the hearts of your friends and family! The Dachshund is naturally energetic and curious, and he was bred to be a scent hound. His short legs and low slung body make him perfect for crawling in tiny spaces. This trait has made him an ideal pet for children. Though these two can't compete in combat, both breeds are extremely similar in potential health hazards. If you are worried about your dachshund's health or well-being, it's important to know what to do. A dachshund can defend his home with vigilance and loyalty. It has a powerful voice, so it's difficult for intruders to ignore it. But intruders may think it's bigger and stronger than it really is. Even celebrities love dachshunds, such as Crusoe, the celebrity dachshund, who recently uploaded YouTube videos of him spoofing a Ghostweinerbuster movie. The difference between the two breeds is not only in size, but in temperament. Dachshunds are stubborn, playful, and obedient, and they're perfect family pets! The dachshund is one of the oldest breeds of dog in the world, and its name has many alternative spellings, including Doxin. But if you're interested in learning about the dachshund breed, check out this video!