Obese Dachshund Loses 50 Pounds
  • 30.07.2022
  • 10851

Obese Dachshund Loss Story Obese Dachshund Loss Story: A Dachshund called Obie has lost 50 pounds after undergoing a tummy tuck operation. At one time, he weighed 77 pounds, which was more than double the normal Dachshund weight. Obie's weight problem was the result of his owners' aging bodies and a love of food. When his owners couldn't care for him anymore, they surrendered him to a relative. Luckily, a new owner named Nora Vanatta took him in and helped him lose weight. She is a certified veterinary technician and has a degree in animal science. Her goal was to help Obie lose at least 40 pounds.

The Best Year Of Our Lives! Baby And Puppy Growing Up Together!
  • 29.07.2022
  • 2817

The Best Year Of Our Lives Baby And Puppy Growing Up Together When bringing a new puppy into your home, the first thing you should do is treat your new furry friend as a normal part of your daily routine. This way, the puppy will associate your presence with good things. You should try to figure out what your puppy likes and link that to your baby's presence.