Oct 15 2007

i’m a good driver (honest!)

now i know that people often joke that women are bad drivers, but i’m afraid it’s just not true. people may argue that i’m not the best driver, in fact i’ve heard it been said that i shouldn’t be allowed on the road – but i think that’s totally unfair. i’m a good driver. honest.


i believe that the proof lies in the pudding or the parking in this case. to prove that i know my car well, look at the perfect bit of parking that i did below. many would say it was a close shave, but i know that it was just very well executed…

my perfect parking skills

balanced argument

now of course i’m going to be biased and others might not have such faith in my driving abilities so i thought it fair that i portray a fair image by letting you in on some not such clever driving antics…

only last week what should have been a 20 minute journey turned into an 80 minute journey because i got onto the motorway going the wrong way. it was a slight act of blondeness i’ll admit, but it doesn’t make me a bad driver?

so here was the original route…

the original intended route

and my actual route…

actual journey

now i hear what you’re saying – when i realised that i was heading in the wrong direction, why didn’t i try and get off of the motorway sooner. now that’s where my plan fell apart slightly. my left indictor doesn’t work at the moment. there was a policeman behind me. it’s illegal to drive without indicators. so i therefore couldn’t turn left until he had turned off. nightmare. made worse only by the fact that my petrol tank was completely empty and i had to breath in the whole way to try and make myself lighter. does that even work?

so i suppose what i’m trying to say is that i am a good driver, but thank goodness for sat nav!

happy monday! x

p.s. on a completely separate note, i had an email today with the title “dear sir”. have they not read any of my blog posts? do they not know that i spend my whole time ranting about my sexual identity? apparently not… i’m a girl i tell you, a girl!

  1. James says:

    Poor Mel, good job on the parking though! You should be a parking instructor.

  2. randommel says:

    Thanks James – that’s what I thought too, although my friend didn’t seem to agree. It’s probably also something to do with the fact that I use my bumpers way too much when parking normally. That’s what they’re there for right? Bump, bump and you’re in!

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