Apr 17 2012

Special fwends…

I have two apologies to make, the first for not updating in such a long while and the second for being obscenely medicated (legally) whilst writing this.

Almost a year ago I moved to London. I hated it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the drinks after work on a Friday evening and I got a real sense of pride walking into my office every morning, knowing we were making great stuff happen. But there were all of the other bits, like not walking down the street and bumping into people you know. Like having grown men try and tug you from trains so that they don’t have to wait 3 minutes for the next. Like the fact that nobody looks at one another on the tube for at least 4 stops. I was lonely. In a city of millions, I was incredibly lonely.

But somewhere in that hazy period, something very strange happened and I fell in love with London. I’ve never felt more blessed with friends. I genuinely don’t know when it happened or how it came about but I know precisely when I realised. I had this realisation last Thursday evening as I returned to the hospital ward after emergency surgery to find my roomie (who is petrified of hospitals) sat next to my bed after waiting a torturous 4 hours for me to return from surgery whilst constantly updating my family with news.

What’s more my phone had died (thanks iPhone 4S). As soon as I was able to charge it again, I could see the kerfuffle that had taken place on Twitter as my friends tried to establish which hospital I was in. Friends that had never met one another were now chatting from all over the country to keep up to date with my progress.

The evening that I returned home, two of my best friends came around stock piled with goodies, cuddled me as I cried and didn’t even mention that I should probably wash my hair and apply some foundation. When I told them not to visit, they visited anyway. True friends.

I’ve had countless tweets, texts and emails from amazing people, for each of which I’m incredibly grateful. I wanted to write this post to say a huge thank you. It’s the people that make the place and I now can’t think of anywhere that I’d rather be. For whatever challenges my health may throw at me, I know that it’s offset with amazing acts of kindness from friends near and far.

As soon as I’m better, I’m planning to host a get together in London, where I can hopefully get lots of those special people all in one room together. What an amazing evening that’ll be.

M xox

A special thank you…

Tarry – for waiting by my hospital bed with sweaty palms
Fran – for force feeding me and for amazing cuddles
Gem – for being my little rock any time of the day
Bex – for being there in spirit and even threatening to get on a train even with baby bump!
JJ – for listening to my rants when she has woes of your own
Mills – for feeling like a lifelong friend after only a short while
Ant – for making me laugh
Martin – for always being lovely
My Jammers – for being so supportive and for making me proud every day
Mum – for listening to my teary calls & putting up with me

  1. JJ says:

    This is beautiful…and entirely unnecessary. Friends are friends no matter what the situation, through good times and bad and all those other cliches. You never need to say thank you…but seeing as you did I will respond with – you are welcome. Any time. And I mean that.

    You’re loved Miss Kirk and we’re here for you to lean on – physically and emotionally. Don’t you forget it. xx

  2. Randommelsmum says:

    Now you’ve got me blubbering.Love you- can’t wait to see you soon xx

  3. Jason says:

    Hi Mel, short for melanie. I hope that you get well soon. I am sorry to hear about your illness. I live in the United States Tennesse to be more exact and am going through a divorce. You have touched my heart and lifted my spirits and i wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you get well soon because the world needs people like you to put smiles on their faces. Good luck and God bless you.

  4. Basingstoke Yoga says:

    That’s such a lovely story Mel.

    Was listening to someone on the radio the other day about how bad soial media is – yet this shows the other side. Being able to update friends and for friends to keep in touch. A big extended family.

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