Apr 27 2012

Tips on How to Impress Your Date

You know what it’s like… you look forward to it for so long and then you finally go on your date and your mind goes blank. Fear not, I draw upon recent experiences from a date to give you some inspiration. I’m nice like that.

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Of course, you could always be charming, but that’s just a suggestion. I’d love you to share your experiences too, don’t be shy, leave a comment, I don’t bite.

BTW – the track is by the awesome Jay Norton… you need to download his mixtape if you haven’t already done so. He rawks!

Much love as always.

M xox

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  1. JJ says:

    Errrrm, you are looking blinking BEAUTIFUL Missy, after a tough few weeks it’s great to see you looking so HOT!

    As for dating tips for boys…How about telling you that if this date doesn’t go anywhere, they’re going to have a chat to your best mate, as they always thought she was pretty sexy?? Yep. Really happened….

    I’m hoping no boys reading this would ever be so silly… xx

    • Mel says:

      Ha thanks. I’m really not. However, I am wearing hot shoes. So hot, I must take you out when you’re better so that you can appreciate them in person.

      Wow, that’s pretty douchy. I guess it was better than the time I was left on a street corner for him to meet his dealer. True story dat! 🙂 xx

  2. Madison says:

    Me: Should we split the bill?
    Him: I’d respect you more if you did.

    Not only had I offered, and was fully prepared to split it, his stupid comment made me feel pressured, and as if I was only doing it for his respect because the whole world revolved around me impressing him #’TWAT

  3. Simon R says:

    Stumbled on your site and watched ya vids. Muchos hilaire!

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