The Monday Currently

Feb 8 2013

The Monday Currently; Week 9 – On a Friday


So it turns out, I’m pretty rubbish at this blogging thing. The Monday Currently turned out to be quite popular with you lot and a few of you even decided to do your own, making me really happy. Then life threw a few spanners in the works, surgery, a bereavement and a new job to boot, which has kind of knocked me for six. But it’s 4.36am and I’m wide awake, so you have my undivided attention. Let’s begin.

reading It’s my go-to read every day for all things entrepreneurial and startup related. If it’s not in your RSS feed, it should be. Do it.

listening to the boy purr next to me. By purr, I do of course mean gently snore… but I’m grateful my tapping isn’t keeping him awake.

thinking how lucky I am. I have a super tiny family now (just my mum and step-dad) but an amazing network of friends that I feel privileged to consider family. I couldn’t have got through the past month without them. A special shout out to Bex, Chris, Fran, Tarry, Guy, JD, Victoria, Milly, Phil, Keeda, Amy, JJ, Jules, Michael and of course, Golly Got, the boy aka love of my life and my best friend – my mum.

smelling freshly washed sheets. The best.

wishing I could carry my mum in my pocket to give her a squeeze whenever she needs it. Unfortunately she’s too tall – even if she was a midget, I don’t think it would work.

hoping that I’m brave today. I want to do a reading at my grandma’s funeral – I want to do her proud and just hope I don’t become a blubbering mess.

wearing nothing. Naughty. Well I am in bed.

loving (after initial embarrassment) that the boy rocked up to the office in full uniform holding a massive bunch of flowers and text me to look out of the window. It was a definite Richard Gere moment. The girls in the office loved it whilst the boys thought he was a “slick bastard”. I think that means they were impressed too.

wanting to start saying thanks more on a daily basis. Of course, I say it to those close to me, to the people I work with, to my friends and family. But sometimes, it can be strangers that don’t realise they’ve brightened your day or a random mention on Twitter. Having read this article earlier, I’m going to try and think of 3 things that I’m really grateful for and to give a shout out to someone every day. Keep your eyes pealed on my Twitter account.

needing some sleep. Sure it would be cheaper than my expensive “eye bag” cream.

feeling delicate. That takes a lot for me to admit, I’m a little ball of steel.

clicking through email. The great thing about insomnia is the ability to clear your inbox without it automatically filling back up. Hashtag winning.

My grandma was an amazing lady – she worked in the 50s when not many women did, she had a rebellious side and a naughty sense of humour. She got shit done and had a steely determination with the grace of a true lady. I like to think that some of that lives on in me. I hope to make her really proud of me and to become just half of the lady that she was. Today I’ll give thanks to have been blessed to have her as my grandma and I ask that you take an extra 2 minutes to hug the person you love today, no matter how busy you are.

Thanks as always for being awesome. I promise to get back to this blogging malarkey.

M xox



Jan 8 2013

The Monday Currently; Week 8 – On a Tuesday!

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 14.38.25

Happy 2013! OMG Amaze, it’s the new year. I know that I’m *actually* turning into my mother but I genuinely can’t believe where the past year has gone. I’m confident that this is going to be the year of awesome things happening and I can’t wait to make that happen with you all. So without further ado, this week’s currently (I know, I know, I’m rubbish at the Monday thing!).

reading Drive by Daniel Pink. Daniel is my newest inspirational crush. He’s amazing when it comes to talking about internal motivation and turning existing business models on their heads. If you don’t have time to read the book, check out his awesome TED presentation here:

listening to Electro House on Spotify. Today I’m pumped by tunes and coffee. When I say coffee, I mean coffee with an additional shot. Obvs.

thinking how proud I am of The Physical Network team, we had a great session last night wireframing our new product and I can’t wait to launch it to the public.

smelling freshly washed laundry. I’m wearing an oversized cotton scarf and it smells of lambs in the field, clouds in the sky… all of that good stuff.

wishing there were more hours in the day. So inspired at the moment and wanting to make so much happen that sleep is getting in the way. Cheesy hey?

hoping I haven’t angered too many people with my recent GigaOM post. Honoured to have been featured though.

wearing jeans, flats, a blouse and blazer. Yes, I know, flats are a rarity  for me. Having stacked it in front of clients in my Louboutins yesterday and tearing my leg open, I thought I’d play it safe for the next day or two.

loving my new Casetagram case for my iPhone. A blog post will be following shortly.

wanting uplighters for the office. I hate office lighting, at the moment, I feel as though I should be in an office based in Slough. That’s next on my to-do list.

needing more coffee. Whilst concerned my body is functioning purely on caffeine at the moment, I’m a little worried about letting the caffeine stock run out.

feeling excited! I’m in the process of getting a new car! Woo. I normally get the tube around London but driving is actually cutting my journey time in half, so I’m biting the bullet and upgrading my car (if it ever gets repaired from my accident in May that is!).

clicking through Foundation interviews by Kevin Rose, a must watch for any entrepreneurs out there.

Thank you all for making 2012 an amazing year for me. I really hope that 2013 is as amazing as the last year and as kind to you as it was to me. I can’t wait to share the next year’s adventures with you.

Much new year love.

M xox



Dec 21 2012

The Monday Currently; Week 7 – On a Friday

Mel Kirk & Gemma Glover

Happy Friday! Happy Christmas! Happy happy happy! With only 4 more sleeps to go until the big man visits and with the world having not ended, I thought that I’d update you with The Monday Currently…. on a Friday. I was having some issues with the site at the beginning of the week but better late than never.

So, bingo bango, off we go…

reading Twitter. I love the insincere relief that the world hasn’t ended. It was a clearly a massive issue that everybody was concerned about. Or not.

listening to one of the guys on my team beatbox. He’s insanely good. I want to learn but fear I’ll look like a middle class white girl trying to be hip. Might save it for when I’m at home and YouTube that shizzle.

thinking that I can’t believe where this year has gone, which then reminds me how similar I sound to my mum. Seriously though… CHRISTMAS ALREADY?!?

smelling the office Christmas Tree. OK, I can actually smell the office bin, but that’s nowhere near as seasonal or pleasant.

wishing everyone the BEST Christmas ever.

hoping that my goodies get here in time from Adam & Eve’s Lingerie. Secret Santa. That’s all I’m saying.

wearing a denim pinafore dress with a floral shirt underneath and my awesome new Vivienne Westwood earrings from the lovely GG Closet.

loving the fact that technology means that I’ll be able to share Christmas morning with my mum via the medium of Skype.

wanting it to be this evening. I’m catching up with a friend I haven’t seen for ages for shopping in Harrods followed by cocktails. Perfect end to the week. That said, after work drinks this afternoon, shopping could be lethal.

needing to pee. You’re welcome. No, seriously, I do. I’m sat on the top floor of the new office (which has ridiculously steep stairs) which somehow makes visiting the toilet so much less appealing.

feeling shocked that a pigeon flew into my head this morning. An actual pigeon. Into my actual head. Now, THAT could have been the end of the world.

clicking through It’s my favourite read at the moment for anything entrepreneurial.

So incredibly excited for Christmas. It’s not felt particularly festive having just had my first week at my new job. With the week coming to a close, it’s now time to revert to being a 12 year old and jump excitedly up and down. I hope that you and the people in your lives have an amazing Christmas and Santa brings you everything you wish for, but more importantly much happiness.

M xox

Dec 4 2012

The Monday Currently; Week 5 (a day late)

Mel Kirk The Monday Currently for Randommel

I’m a day late, so it’s actually really the Tuesday Currently, but it’s here nonetheless. Following a much more upbeat week than the past few, I’m glad to be back and with a big smile on my face to boot (I’m using the phrase “to boot”, not asking you to boot my face btw). So without further ado…

reading back the post that I have just written reviewing Sams Brasserie in Chiswick for the scrumptious meal that I ate there last Friday evening. I really need to get better at this regular posting thing!

listening to King Charles. I had a lunch meeting with his Manager last week and you’ll be hearing more about him soon. Watch this space.

thinking I can’t believe that it’s less than 3 weeks to go until Christmas. My grandma has finally been placed in her hospice and so I’ll be going down to take her Christmas presents this weekend to help settle her in etc. I can’t believe I’m buying Christmas pressies already… it still feels like June. This is also the type of thing my mum used to say, you know, where has the year gone blah, blah, blah. At the time I used to think it was because she was old. Now I know that  I’m old.

smelling Florabotanica by Balenciaga. My favourite perfume used to be Gucci II (coined my date perfume) but when it ran out, I decided to try something different and I’m in love with it.

wishing my good friend Laura the happiest of birthdays.

hoping the goodies I’m awaiting from ASOS looks as gorgeous on me as they did on the website. I have an Aston Martin cocktail party to go to on Thursday, and of course, none of my existing LBD’s were suitable 😉

wearing black leggings, over the knee boots and a cute new denim shirt from GAP that has a lovely tailored shape to it. Casual, comfie and hair tied in a bun. Not a glamorous day. Making the most of not having to go out this evening!

loving the fact that Kate and Will are expecting. I’ve always been a bit of a secret Royalist, but now it’s in full flourish.

wanting the Miu Miu Studded Leather Tote. Santa baby…

needing to do ironing. Seriously. It’s been a month and I’ve mainly been living out of a suitcase. Tonight, I have a date with my iron. I’m SERIOUSLY that cool.

feeling happy. The boy passed his tests and is now a Captain! How exciting is that?!? I managed to spring a surprise meal on him with his friends and family and he fell for it hook, line and sinker *insert smug face*

clicking through Goats On Things. I don’t know why this amuses me, but it does, no end.

After another busy week, this week sees the Aston Martin cocktail reception, the launch of Camden Eye Pizza, Surrey Does Christmas Dinner and a trip back to Bristol. Wish me luck.

Happy Tuesday. Stay awesome.

M xox

Nov 26 2012

The Monday Currently; Week 4

Mel Kirk Profile Picture

The last week has been a fairly quiet one, focusing on family. With a combination of work and my blog, life can get hectic, but the last few weeks have helped to give me some perspective. That and a meeting with Santa, obviously. So, here’s what’s going on this week…

reading The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith. I’m really keen to learn about marketing to networks offline. With the huge shift to social, it’s easy to forget the importance of peer-to-peer recommendations offline and this really intrigues me.

listening to Dog is Dead – an indie band from Nottingham in the UK. I love the band, I just wish they were named differently. You can’t help but sound like a suicidal teenager when people ask for your favourite band!

thinking It’s 1.30pm and I should be eating lunch. Today is running away with me and as soon as I clear 10 emails, another 20 come in to fill their place.

smelling the skinny latte with sugar free vanilla that’s sitting in front of me from Starbucks in a red cup. A RED CUP. This officially makes it Christmas. The big guy will be making his delivery in no time.

wishing the boy didn’t have to wait until Thursday for his final test. It’s been put back slightly due to scheduling. He’s passed the test that determines whether he’s put forwards, so fingers crossed Thursday goes well.

hoping lots of people turn up to my high-end fashion pop-up this Saturday in Chelsea/South Kensington. I’m going to be styling and everything 😉

wearing black leggings, over the knee boots and a mixed top with leather shoulders. It’s casual at home wear that nobody can see, apart from you, obvs.

loving the new cookies & cream fudge Brownie recipe that I’ve just learned from Lorraine Pascale. It takes no time and tastes totally delicious. I’m getting into this whole baking thing!

wanting the new Long Frill Trench Coat by Burberry. Seriously stlylin’.

needing to see James Bond. It’s now been out for months and I’m still to see it. This makes me a bad Bond geek.

feeling excited for Christmas. I bought my first presents this week. The ASOS discount that I got by completing challenges on Yourvine definitely helped with this.

clicking through which is the fruition of months of work by my team to help promote the Samsung GALAXY Camera. I’m currently a very proud mother hen.

This week will see a busy Mel, with lots on at work, a Lovestruck premiere, review at Harrisons Brasserie by Rich Stein and a designer pop-up on Saturday. Breath!

Happy Monday. Stay awesome.

M xox

Nov 19 2012

The Monday Currently: Week 3

The Monday Currently Week 3


The Monday Currently continues. This week saw a lovely supper with wine tasting at The Builders Arms in Chelsea courtesy of Geronimo Pubs (post to follow) and a trip to Dorset. General awesomeness. So, here’s what’s going on this week…

reading the wonderfully sparkly posts from Gala Darling, my new fave blog. I’ve downloaded the first chapter of her book Love & Sequins. Review to follow.

listening the uplifting beats of Cazzette. Loving the first installment of their album available from Spotify and the fact that they’ve done it as an app. Sweet design. All round, WINNING.

thinking how quickly it’s going to be Christmas. I’m using Pinterest’s new secret boards to collate gift ideas for my family.

smelling Quietude by Temple Spa. It’s meant to be a calming mist. Not really into that sort of stuff, but anything is worth a try at the moment.

wishing I lived closer to my mum to provide her with better support. Until then, occasional visits, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Email and Instagram will have to go. Thank goodness for the digital age.

hoping that the boy passes his exams this week. He’s just been promoted from Pilot to Captain and this is the week of his final tests. Apparently that final stripe means everything 😉

wearing country clothes, READ Hunters, jeans, Ralph Lauren sweater and gillet.

loving the new sites and services that I’ve been recommended of late. I’ve taken to emailing them, asking for inspiration and it’s amazing the amount of stuff that amasses – it’s just taking the time to ask them to share. I’d highly recommend. I’ll be doing a post with my top take-aways soon.

wanting an SLR. I really want to include more photography on my site and I’m realising that Instagram pics just don’t cut it. Plus I’m growing an addiction to filters. That can’t be healthy right?

needing to get an early night. Last week consisted of 18 hour days and that’s not good for dark circles. Tonight will be tranquil, spent reading my favourite blogs. I’m also considering a new book purchase – I’d love to find something on micro-networks and marketing. Does anybody have any suggestions?

feeling emotionally exhausted. Sadly my grandma has been terminally diagnosed with brain tumours. Now time is to be spent making sure her remaining time is as comfortable and happy as possible. I’m heartbroken (sorry for the sad entry here).

clicking through Pocket. I’ve decided to become more organised in my online life. I’m slightly OCD offline and I’ve decided I’d be more productive if this spread to my web practices too, so I’m thinking Pocket can help me with that.

Happy Monday. Stay awesome.

M xox

Nov 12 2012

The Monday Currently; Week 2

Mel Kirk Monday Currently Post


Well it’s that time of week and I had some lovely emails, comments and tweets from you folks last week, so hoorah it’s back again. So let’s crack on.

reading green energy blogs, doing an audit for a new client. Feeling inspired to start a vegetable patch, I guess it could be hard though, given I struggle to find time to mow the lawn.

listening the hum of tapping keyboards. I’m still at work with a fair bit to do, but I wanted to do this now as I knew the temptation of bed will be too much for me when I get home.

thinking how cruel old age is. I had a call yesterday to say that my grandma was getting forgetful and today she’s deteriorated dramatically, being admitted to hospital for tests. I’m waiting for more news tomorrow, but wishing I lived closer.

smelling coffee. The drink of champs.

wishing that my grandma gets better.

hoping to get all of my work done at a reasonable time so that I can spend more time with my blog. Reading other blogs I love of late has re-inspired me.

wearing workwear. As you can see for yourself. It used to be baggy, not so much any more. Time for some healthy eating!

loving the my memories from the weekend. Drinks at Shoreditch House, saying hello to Kevin Spacey without realising who he was, shopping, suppers out and chilling with the boy. Last week was a good week – especially with a supper at Sonny’s Kitchen thrown into the mix too.

wanting membership to Shoreditch House. My taster at the weekend has also got me wanting to live closer so that I can stumble home… SW London seems so far!

needing to hug my mum.

feeling loved. Lots of awesome people in my life at the moment and I can only hope I make them as happy as they make me.

clicking through – I love her site and it inspires me to be more crafty… in an arty way, not a sneaky way.

Happy Monday. Stay awesome.

M xox

Nov 5 2012

The Monday Currently…

So I got reading a charming little blog called Like Ordinary Life where Tina lists the things going on in her life each week and well, I really liked it. I’ve tweaked some of the items and have moved it to Mondays rather than Sundays, but other than that, it really is down to her. I’d love to know what you’re up to this week, so feel free to use the comments.

reading The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

listening to Hugo (the strawberry blonde cat) softly gurgle/snore whilst oblivious to the fireworks bursting outside.

thinking what an amazing group of friends I have. I fell into the web and have made some of the best friendships I could ever have wished for. I’m grateful for that every day.

smelling my gorgeous sandalwood candle.

wishing I get to sleep tonight.

hoping my grandma gets on OK at the doctors tomorrow. She seems to be really confused of late. Old age is really saddening.

wearing my leopard print onesie, in bed. Oh yeah.

loving the amazing opportunities that my blog seems to be bringing me of late. I write and produce as a creative outlet but to know that it’s appreciated is really heart warming.

wanting the new Samsung Galaxy Camera. Having worked on the influencer campaign ahead of the launch for the past 8 weeks, the suspense is killing me.

needing to start running to work again. The recent excesses are starting to take their toll.

feeling run down head is pounding, temperature is rising – I wish I had a reliable body.

clicking through, fascinated with the USA Elections.

Happy Monday. Stay awesome.

M xox

Aug 5 2010

confessions of a geek girl

now as you’ll know, i’m the first to hold my hand up and declare myself a geek. however, up until now, there have been a number of things that i’ve kept under wraps. as a form of therapy, i’m coming clean and sharing them with you.

YouTube Preview Image

make me feel better and leave your confessions in the comments, let’s have a big confession session.

love to you all.

m xox