fishy armpits

and yet more bird poop….

i swear that not all of my stories will include bird poop, well as long as they don’t keep deciding to drop their bombs on my anyway!

three years ago, i went on holiday to a small resort in the south of spain with my boyfriend. We decided that we would hire bikes and go exploring for the day – I was being quite kind at the time as I love to play sleeping lions when I’m away and not move from my sun lounger!

having had a leisurely bike ride, we ended up in a fising town called Cambrilles where I thought that we would stop for a spot of lunch and maybe some shopping. Unfortunately it was a little more local than I had planned and apart from a little delicatessen there wasn’t much of a range of shops.

my boyfriend, knowing how to show a girl a good time, decided that it would be good to cycle up to the marina to see the fishermen coming in with the fish that they had caught that day. You can probably tell where this is going! Unimpressed but willing to please, I decided that I would humour him and go and have a look around for 5 minutes. Honestly, 20 minutes later, we were still there and I was more than itching to get away – the smell was atrocious and fish just don’t do it for me!

my boyfriend was still stood at the side of one of the boats marvelling at the types of different fish that they had caught whilst I was stood a good couple of meters away trying to edge my way back to the hotel. As I was tying my hair up, I felt a stinging sensation on my armpit and let out a yelp. I looked down to find a fishing hook sunk in to my armpit!

a fisherman was sat on the side of the harbour and had cast his hook, right in to me! Not only was he not apologetic, he looked put out that he would need a new hook. I was left to remove the hook from my armpit and had to try and wipe away the fish guts with my top! That was it, I was ready to go and this time my boyfriend didn’t have a say.

what had been a leisurely ride to the town was a very hurried ride back – I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel and in to the shower. When I didn’t think that things could get any worse, a sea gull flew over head and obviously attracted by the smell of rotting fish guts, decided to empty his guts right on to my head and eye lashes. Don’t even ask how it ended up on my eye lashes (there seems to be a bit of a trend emerging with bird poop and my eye lashes doesn’t there!).

never one to be a drama queen, I can honestly say that I’ve never been so traumatised! Why do these things always happen to me?