happy camper

you might want to take a seat and make yourself comfortable… this one’s quite lengthy, sorry!

i think that it’s fair to say that I’m not a natural camper – I love my straightners and a nice hot shower where there’s not a likelyhood that I’m going to contract a verrucca!

last July I decided to give it another try and all was going swimmingly. It had been a lovely warm day and we decided to have a barbeque – we were all sat around enjoying each other’s company and the time was flying by. Darkness drew in and I decided to get the gas lamp to hang outside so that we could see.

having decided the most central spot would be to hang it from one of the porch poles, I turned the gas button and pressed the ignition button – only to find that I had turned the gas way too high which caused a large flame to shoot out the top of the lamp. Looking back, hanging the lamp underneath the porch with the porch canopy directly overhead was probably not a good idea. The whole thing nearly set on fire.

without meaning to, I was so shocked by the whole thing, I panicked and swore more than slightly loudly. I turned around to find a large family with young children sat across the way looking extremely disapprovingly at me – I’ve never felt so embarassed.

the night began to pick up again and we had some music playing from the ipod speakers. It was loud enough to hear but not blaring by any means. We were all enjoying ourselves and before you knew it we had started a dance off with a large family group across the way.

all of a sudden out of nowhere a pensioner appeared from around the side of the tent and told us to turn the music off as it was disturbing people. We apologised and turned the music off expecting the whole situation to be resolved. But no, that wasn’t enough for the old guy! He then continued to add “otherwise I’ll come and run you over in your tents in the middle of the night”, apparently we weren’t aware of what he was capable of.

this then led to a fairly heated discussion and having grabbed my arm he said that he was going to get the camp warden and get us thrown off of the site. We were all a bit shaken up by the whole incident having had such a lovely evening. The camp warden came down and was discussing the situation with us all when the old guy asked what time we were allowed to make noise until. The warden answered that it was acceptable until 11.30pm – we looked at our watches, it was only 11.20pm! The warden sided with us and had said that no one else had a problem with it and told the guy to go back to his pitch.

it turned out that the guy had been staying 2 fields away so there’s no way that he could have heard us anyway. Just to be safe, we moved the cars in front of the tents – we weren’t risking anything with the dangerous old man on the loose!