tequila girl

as part of the event that I was organising at work, I arranged to go to another conference where I would speak to the audience a little about the event and network at the after-conference party. I was due at the venue which was 2.5 hours away at around 5.30pm and so left at 2pm to leave plenty of time.

when at 5.20pm I was still sat on the motorway, I made a call to the venue to try and get a message passed to the organiser for him to know that I was on my way and to ask him to let people know that I would be there. The duty manager however informed me that he was located on the other side of the building and couldn’t possibly deliver the message.

i eventually found the “area” that the venue was located but having gone around a number of roundabouts several times and stopping numerous strangers for directions, I f ound myself driving down a one-way bus lane to the bus station. There was a bus behind me as I did consider reversing back up it, but there was no chance of that happening. Having then got to the bus station and attracted a crowd of watchers, I managed to squeeze through some bollards out of the exit only to find myself on tramlines. I looked in my mirror to see if there was any way that I could turn around only to find that it was a buses only lane behind me. I did the only thing I could which was to drive forward as fast as I can and pray that I didn’t come across a tram!

When I eventually got to the venue, I was greeted by a concierge that was directing people to the car park, but he obviously saw my stress rash and took pity on me as he allowed me to park my car outside of the entrance and promised to keep an eye on it for me. I still think that he thought this was an easier option than directing me to the carpark.

Having got there late, I found the event organiser and apologised for being so late. He told me that it wasn’t a problem as there was still a speaker on stage and that the attendees were expecting me – which was a pleasant surprise. I asked when I would be needed to go on stage and he said that it would be better if he announced that I was here and told people to find me at the party – which I was more than pleased with, if a little confused. He told me to get myself a drink, the hall would be cleared out and everyone would be coming back in 30 minutes later when the entertainment would start and I could come in. Trying to add a little humour to the conversation, I added “I hope I’m not the entertainment, ha ha” to which he gave me a blank look. So I just assumed he didn’t have much of a sense of humour.

30 minutes later, I had introduced myself to a group of the attendees who seemed surprised that I knew about the industry, only be interrupted by the event organiser who apologised. He had told everyone I was the tequila girl and would be giving away shots all night. I spent the rest of the night explaining that I didn’t have any tequila to everyone!