the finger trilogy (1)

i think that the following story should act as a warning for all – beware, twister can be a dangerous sport.

it was late one friday night, a group of my friends had gathered around my house for a few drinks when we decided it might be fun to play a game of twister. Knowing my luck and clumsiness under normal circumstances I should probably have thought twice about it, but after a few wines, I needed no encouragement.

before you knew it, there was a group of us twisted all over the mat on the floor when one of my friends, Ben, fell and landed on my hand. I knew immediately that something was wrong – when Ben looked at it he thought that it could be dislocated and convinced that alchohol qualified him as a doctor, tried to put it back into it’s socket.

having not been able to put it back in it’s socket, i decided to go to bed and tend to it in the morning. Morning came, alchohol wore off and a trip to the hospital proved to be in order. At the hospital I was given gas and air (which was quite an experience on it’s own) and they managed to put the finger back in to it’s socket. I had been left with a lovely reminder that hadn’t been there before though – my finger would pop into place each time I bent it.

having waited around 8 months on the NHS, several hospital appointments and surgery to correct the tendons – I was told that my finger would be left with a permenant bend but it would no longer cause any problems. The doctor was right, well at least for a year anyway…..