the finger trilogy (2)

so it was roughly a year after the surgery on my hand and everything was starting to get back to normal. That was until I was managing an event, left my office to check the arrival of a coach and caught my heel in the turn-ups on my trousers – causing my to fall and land on my bad hand!

when I went back to hospital – I was greeted by the doctor who referred to me as the “twister girl”. He asked what had happened and I explained and he looked at me completely straight faced and told me it was hardly worth more surgery to put my finger right as I was bound to do something to damage it again!

having promised the doctor that I would never wear heels and turn-ups together again, he agreed to perform more surgery on my hand to correct my hand.

another 8 months of waiting on the waiting list, I was instructed to attend a pre-op appointment at the hospital. The doctor had an ability to make me feel as small as a mice and so when I next saw him, I apologised for causing such a fuss over “just a finger” which was completely the wrong thing to say. I have reason to say this as it was met by a response of “young lady, I have made a successful career for myself out of fingers”. Oops!

the surgery was successful, I attended the post-op appointment and had my stitches out – much to the dismay of the nurses as I passed out cold. I was then ready to face my last appointment with the doctor… convinced that he would be pleased with my progress, I entered the room filled with confidence only to be told off like a naughty school girl. Why hadn’t I thought… I was wearing heels and turn-ups!