Mar 2 2011

Time to grow up?!?

Some 3 years ago, I had my blog designed by the wonderful Andrew Pepperell (now famous for the awesome Alfred app). Whilst I love the design, heck it’s served me well, I feel like I’ve grown a lot in that time and it’s time to update my blog to reflect that.

My Thursday videos are back with a vengence and I’ve no intention of losing them. However, I’ve been on a huge learning curve in that time – from growing communities to a Head of Marketing and now onto managing blogger relations.

I know that some of the more interesting posts that I read are those ‘warts and all’ posts from others admitting their mistakes and sharing their learnings and I’d hope to do the same. I’d also like to start to interview thought leaders from different industries all connected by their passion for the web and I need somewhere for that to live.

Therefore, I put out a tweet last week and was inundated by kind offers, for which I’m very grateful. Having been approached by Christina Fowler, I looked at some of her work and felt it suited my style well.

My brief was clear – I’ve grown up and I wanted my blog to grow up too. It needed to remain a level of fun and it needed to be approachable – the whole purpose for my blog is to encourage conversation, to engage and listen rather than just push content. And, so, there it is, it’s currently in the hands of the design gods, well Christina, and she’s working on wireframes as we speak. I’m excited to get back the initial mood boards, which will be shared with you here and I’m hoping to ask her to explain her design inspirations here too.

In the meanwhile, I’d love to hear of your favourite sites in terms of design. I think I have a design eye and love good typography (shame that I’m lacking the skill!), so any pretty sites you can point me in the direction of, would be awesome.

Jan 22 2009

inside the aardman offices

the day has finally come, it’s time to say goodbye to team aardman. they’ve become great friends and there’s no question that we’ll still hang out. i’m grateful to aardman for introducing me to such an awesome group of cool people!

after the most amazing night of rockband stand-off, i decided i’d repay them by giving them the power of the thursday video… little did i know what they had in store for me!

YouTube Preview Image

i swear, i’m an angel… my halo glows from afar, they’re just winding you up! thanks so much to everyone for your love and support for my time at aardman, i just hope to have half as much fun in the next project!

keep smiling,

m x

p.s. turns out i’m good at guitar, can squeal my way through on the mic, but have no rhythm for drums!!!

Jan 8 2009

leaving aardman towers for the castle!

as you will have seen from my recent announcement, i’ll only be at the aardman towers for another 2 weeks. it’s only right that determined the theme of this week’s video then…

YouTube Preview Image

isn’t he just the cutest?

i hope that your 2009 is getting off to a great start. may 2009 be filled with much happiness for you.


Dec 4 2008

give me some plasticine love

it’s the day of the bristol media ball, we’re all a little excited, so we spent our lunch in a productive manner…

YouTube Preview Image

come on, do your best… we showed you ours, now you show us yours!

Nov 21 2008

swn festival – harnessing the power of social media

last week, i was lucky enough to be invited to speak at swn festival alongside matthew cashmore of lonely planet, matt jones of dopplr and tim morgan of mint digital.

the common theme throughout all of the presentations was the power that is being handed over to the users – companies can no longer make their own agenda, they need to listen to the demands of their users. data needs to be openly available for users for users to access and play with, business models are changing and power shifts are taking place.

i did a presentation on harnessing the power of social media having built a community from scratch for 4mations.tv. i’ve embedded the slides from slideshare below or alternatively you can check them out here.

thanks so much to huw stephens for the fantastic organisation of the day, it was a truly enjoyable day and i’m looking forward to being part of the advisory panel for next year.

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: socialmedia social)

Jul 3 2008

a day in the life at aardman

i’ll start by grovelling – you see there is no random video this thursday! i’ve been geeking it up at the carsonified offices for their launch of matt before going to bathcamp and well to be frank, i’ve got a super special video for you tomorrow.

so to keep you going, here’s a video that was captured of our super casual fridays last week… i think i need to move about the office some more! enjoy 🙂

A day in the life of Aardman Online office from benje on Vimeo.

Jun 12 2008

i’m the newbee – want a tour?

that’s right, i’m the new kid on the block… so i thought it might be cool to take you on a little tour. sit back, relax and sip that coffee (or if it’s after noon, i recommend a beer).

YouTube Preview Image

well it was a bit of a whirlwind tour as you can tell – i decided it’s a bit early for everyone here to realise that i’ve totally lost my marbles, let’s at least give it a week.

happy thursday xxx

Jun 3 2008

i’m leaving carsonified…

after almost two years with carsonified, i’m announcing today that i’m moving to pastures new.

i’m more proud than words can say to have been part of a team that has gone from a few web apps, workshops and 2 large conferences a year – to numerous workshops, conferences, expos and web apps. i know the effort that goes into each of the events that carsonified lays on and i know that the team will continue to go from strength to strength. i thought it might be quite fun to recap…

during my time, i’ve…

reason for leaving

i know that many people will think that i’m mad for leaving such a forward thinking company, positioned in my opinion, in one of the best industries in the world.

i’ve been offered a 6 month contract with the oscar winning aardman animations (makers of wallace and grommit, heck yeah!) looking after their online communities and driving the strategies for their online presence. it’s an opportunity i feel that i have to take – i’m passionate about bringing content to the masses and community work is where my heart is, so i’m excited to apply this to another industry (whilst still being a web chick of course).

in the long term, i’d love to have my own consultancy some day – helping people connect with their users/communities and i think that this is vital experience in helping me along the way – plus, come on… it’s wallace and grommit! the first project that i am working on will be reaching out to animators, so if you have any work that you’d like to showcase, remember to keep me in mind…

my last day with carsonified is 5th June and then i’ll be out in the wilderness, yikers!

so what now?

i love you guys. i love the web. i love everyone who spends 5 minutes reading my silly blog about things that really don’t matter. i love the way everyone gets more and more amazed (and often baffled) by my random videos. i know that’s cheesy but it’s true. the friendships and connections that i have made over the last couple of years are genuine, i really care about you guys and i hope that they continue and everyone stays in touch.

the web is the best industry in the world. a revolution is taking place. connections are happening between people in the world that couldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the sites and technologies that you guys are working on, i’m so honored to be part of it. man i love the web 🙂

mel xox

p.s. i think i’d be quite good at oscar acceptance speeches don’t you think 😀

p.p.s you can stay in touch by…

twitter:        www.twitter.com/melkirk
email:         melkirk1 at gmail dot com
facebook:   mel kirk (bristol)
seesmic:     www.seesmic.com/melkirk
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i’m basically all over the web!!!