Dec 5 2012

Perfect Gifts For Your Geek This Xmas

It’s officially 20 days until Christmas. That means that there’s only 19 more sleeps, 473 hours, 28377 minutes or 1,702,757 seconds to go. Not much shopping time at all.

Given that I’m a not-so-secret geek, it’ll come as no surprise that technology’s at the top of my list for the big guy this year… as it is most years. Well, that and Miu Miu bags of course (geeks can style too!).

This year’s top gadget has to be the Apple iPad Mini. Yes, yes, I’m still a fan girl. I’m OK with that. If your loved one is lucky enough to already have bagged themselves the iPad Mini, here are some accessories you might want to consider to keep it company:

Merino Wool Felt Charcoal Case with Leather Straps £19 on Etsy.


Keep your iPad Mini nice and warm in this lovely felt case… the pop of colour on the straps are guaranteed to make it stand out from the crowd.

Sock Monkey iPad Sleeve £15.50 on Etsy.


A sensible case a little too grown up for you? This sock monkey comes to order and is quite frankly CUTE!

Pro Quality  Fisheye, Telephoto, Wide Angel and Macro lenses from £12 from Photojojo.


For all of those budding photographers out there, these lenses allow you to clip on to the camera

JBL Wireless Speaker for iPad Mini – £124 on JBL.


An absolute must for all of those Spotify fans out there like myself. Turn your iPad into an entertainment system with this speaker!

Charging Dock for iPad £1 minimum bid on Kickstarter.


Now that Apple is no longer making their beloved charging dock, this is a must-have purchase from a kickstarter funded project.

If your loved one is like myself and getting into cooking (just call me domestic goddess!), why not consider this kitchen friendly stand? It’s £21 from Chef Sleeve.



Of course, if none of that whets your appetite, there’s always the DODOcase that I wrote about a few weeks ago, which you can have personalised with your very own message. Now, that’s love!

Many of these products are shipped from the States, so be sure to order them nice and early. Oh and it’s always handy to get the iPad Mini first too, which you can pick up from Carphone Warehouse  😉

If you think I’ve missed a must-have accessory, leave a comment. Anything that helps me stay hip and down with the kids is always appreciated!

Much love,

M xo

Nov 13 2012

Your Choice of the Best iPad Apps

I’ve decided to become more efficient. Yes, there, I said it. I came to this conclusion yesterday, when I realised that I have 4 different online diaries, 6 different email accounts and my moleskin diary which is where I actually keep all of my information but never carry it with me.

Image of an Apple iPad

Therefore,  I decided that I want to try and start streamlining my work processes, using my iPad a lot more to ease consumption of content on my journey in to work, make life simpler when I’m there and be able to easily continue work/blogging when I get home. So I asked you crazy bunch for your recommendations for your favourite iPad apps and this is what you recommended:

Softsign – great for signing documents such as contracts, timesheets and expense claims.

Notablity –  Take Notes & Annotate PDFs with Dropbox & Google Drive Sync. KAPOW!

AlienBlue – Reddit client that makes the most of the beautiful, yes I said beautiful, touchscreen.

Evernote – Write note, tasks, save files and share across multiple devices. Seamlessly synced.

Then some extra ones that I personally use:

Feedly – Great RSS reader for catching up on your favourite sites and blogs on your commute

Pinterest – Everyone loves Pinterest. With it being so visual, it works really nicely and can be great for wasting a good few hours.

TV Catchup – Watch live TV in bed on your iPad. What? It’s almost Christmas! It’s cold. Bed is allowed.

Pocket – Awesome bookmarking tool for content that you find online and want to catch up with at a later date.

WordPress – It’s all about blogging on the go.

Photoshop Express – Vastly cheaper than the full Photoshop package and whilst it doesn’t contain all of the features, it is good for the basics.

Spotify – For music in the bath. Obvs.

COD Zombies – Not easy at all to control with the touchscreen, but sometimes you just need to game.

The main thing that I adore about having the iPad is the ability to keep up with all of my favourite blogs when I’m busy during the day. Being able to save RSS feeds offline or articles to Pocket is fantastic. The only issue being that I always forget to sync before I leave the house in the morning. I’m waiting for the day they push content at the beginning and end of the day 😉

If you’re looking for a regular source of iPad reviews, iPad today is really good. I just prefer personal recommendations from you cheeky chaps.

I’d love to hear your app recommendations, so feel free to leave a comment.

Much Tuesday love,

M xox

Jun 8 2012

Reasons to be Happy

It’s June people. I’ve been told it’s June, promised in fact. I know that the weather is suggesting otherwise.

On this dreary Friday, I share some awesome reasons to be happy. Enjoy. Don’t judge.

YouTube Preview Image

OK, so some may call me a spinster, but I’m yet to become incontinent and until that time comes, it doesn’t count.

I’d love to hear the things that make you happy too, so don’t be shy, leave a comment.

Big love,

M xox

Mar 27 2011

Did you hear? The iPad 2 launched in the UK!

Unless you’ve been underground, are a hobbit or just really very strange; you’re likely to know that Apple’s iPad 2 launched in the UK at 5pm on Friday. As part of my awesome new role at Jam (something I promise that I’ll blog about soon), I put on my roving reporter hat and went to check it out.

For full content, you should check out which is Jam’s blog (the place I blog about marketing and cool stuff); however, I’ve also embedded the videos here for you.

I managed to interview Jewels Lewis who was the first in line at the Regent Street store. Covered by most of the press, Jewels made the headlines as he chose to miss his son’s 12 birthday. You can hear more here:

YouTube Preview Image

We headed back down to the store ahead of the 5pm launch in the hope that we’d be able to interview Jewels straight after his purchase. However, Jewels had become a superstar and was escorted out the back. So we took the second in line instead:

YouTube Preview Image

You’ll see from the picture below that the whole of Regent Street came to a halt. Buses were forced to swerve to miss the pedestrians in the road and huge raucous cheers could be heard each time a member of the queue entered into the store.

One thing’s certain, Apple sure know how to put on an event. Now where did I put my iPad? 😉

Apr 23 2010

volcanic ash, rolos and smiles

there are many things in life that make us tick – i could start with the iphone, the imac, the macbook pro and time machine but i wouldn’t want to be accused of being an apple fan girl 😉

here’s a few of the other things that are guaranteed to bring a smile.

i’d love to hear your smile generators too… let’s make it a happy day!

m xox

Jan 28 2010

the future of the boyfriend is at risk…

now i know that i might have previously insinuated that all boys smell and should rocks thrown at them… but given the latest release of the iPad, it made me realise just how much more i love technology than boys. here are some reasons why…

i’d love your thoughts, especially areas in which girls need to improve to keep up with those shiny apple products! use the comments below.

love and hugs,

m xox

Jan 21 2010

iSlate rumours bring feverpitch

there’s a rumour that a certain fruit based named company might be bringing out a piece of technology that’s getting everyone in a bit of a stir.

YouTube Preview Image

apple how we heart thee so… roll on 27th january and more importantly july when we can finally get our hands on the iphone on steroids!

happy thursday awesome peeps!

m xox

p.s. sorry for the lack of audio at the moment, youtube is failing me… i’m working on it!

Oct 20 2008

day 3 random mel video diary

it’s day three, i’m sick… highlights include a trip to the apple store and fancy dress… not together though, that would just be weird.

YouTube Preview Image

have a fandabulous monday and i’ll check in again tomorrow. peace 😀