Apr 2 2013

#VEDA – Day Two

Warning, this video contains an exhausted looking Mel, the threat of towing and very little else.

More tomorrow, I promise…

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M xox

Nov 26 2012

The Monday Currently; Week 4

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The last week has been a fairly quiet one, focusing on family. With a combination of work and my blog, life can get hectic, but the last few weeks have helped to give me some perspective. That and a meeting with Santa, obviously. So, here’s what’s going on this week…

reading The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith. I’m really keen to learn about marketing to networks offline. With the huge shift to social, it’s easy to forget the importance of peer-to-peer recommendations offline and this really intrigues me.

listening to Dog is Dead – an indie band from Nottingham in the UK. I love the band, I just wish they were named differently. You can’t help but sound like a suicidal teenager when people ask for your favourite band!

thinking It’s 1.30pm and I should be eating lunch. Today is running away with me and as soon as I clear 10 emails, another 20 come in to fill their place.

smelling the skinny latte with sugar free vanilla that’s sitting in front of me from Starbucks in a red cup. A RED CUP. This officially makes it Christmas. The big guy will be making his delivery in no time.

wishing the boy didn’t have to wait until Thursday for his final test. It’s been put back slightly due to scheduling. He’s passed the test that determines whether he’s put forwards, so fingers crossed Thursday goes well.

hoping lots of people turn up to my high-end fashion pop-up this Saturday in Chelsea/South Kensington. I’m going to be styling and everything 😉

wearing black leggings, over the knee boots and a mixed top with leather shoulders. It’s casual at home wear that nobody can see, apart from you, obvs.

loving the new cookies & cream fudge Brownie recipe that I’ve just learned from Lorraine Pascale. It takes no time and tastes totally delicious. I’m getting into this whole baking thing!

wanting the new Long Frill Trench Coat by Burberry. Seriously stlylin’.

needing to see James Bond. It’s now been out for months and I’m still to see it. This makes me a bad Bond geek.

feeling excited for Christmas. I bought my first presents this week. The ASOS discount that I got by completing challenges on Yourvine definitely helped with this.

clicking through which is the fruition of months of work by my team to help promote the Samsung GALAXY Camera. I’m currently a very proud mother hen.

This week will see a busy Mel, with lots on at work, a Lovestruck premiere, review at Harrisons Brasserie by Rich Stein and a designer pop-up on Saturday. Breath!

Happy Monday. Stay awesome.

M xox

Nov 8 2012

Things you should know about dating a blogger…

Bloggers are a pretty awesome breed, and you know, we’ll always have lots of friends… online!

However, we are quite different in many ways. So I thought it would be good, for those considering dating one of us, to be warned of our idiosyncrasies.

Grab a comfy seat and take a peak, you know you want to.

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Much Thursday love!

M xox

Oct 25 2012

Internet Trolls: A Message Just For You

Yo, yo, yo. Yeah you, internet troll over there…. I feel bad. I never acknowledge you. You spend hours writing comments and what do you get in return? Zilch.

So, I decided to record you a video, I hope that you enjoy.

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Heart felt love.

M xox

p.s. for my internet companions, I’ve uploaded a version that I hope you can access here. The music was meant to be “Lily Allen, Fuck You” but apparently YouTube doesn’t like that. Apologies.

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Dec 8 2008

blogging is dead. why didn’t someone tell me?

i’m never happier than when i’m blogging. it’s where i get my fire, it’s what inspires me and it’s what connects me to you fine folk.

it’s been known to happen on more than one occassion that i’ve been on holiday or waiting for a friend in a bar (i try to ensure that doesn’t happen too often) and you’ll find me scrabbling around in my bag to jot down an idea that i’ve had for a blog post or video.

you can understand therefore my sadness when yesterday on the train to london, i settled down with the latest copy of wired ready to geek out only to be faced with the news that blogging is dead. i was sad primarily because not only do i not agree but the article was encouraging people to quit blogging.

if you read the article it refers to jason calacanis stopping his blog earlier this year as he had said that the blogosphere had become too big and impersonal. this can be demonstrated by taking a look at some of the most popular blogs out there at the moment – techcrunch, engadget, treehugger etc. this can mean that the personal blogs that previously had been high google rankers are now being relegated by these sites that can afford to pay professionals to blog mutliple times a day – something the average blogger with a full time job can’t afford the luxury of doing.

however, there’s the thing (and this is just my opinion), those bloggers that are out there maintaining their personal blogs are doing it for their love of writing, for the need to share, to connect with those with similar interests – not for the top google ranking on a topic or internet fame.

the personal blogs that have become popular will more often have not got there because of their passion in the topic and therefore their continued commitment to research and article writing. someone starting a blog in the hope of getting noticed (and for that reason only) will be in for a surprise because it takes a while to get a following and if you’re not really passionate about what you’re writing about, your readers will be able to tell.

the article argues that if you’re looking to express yourself, you can do so using less effort and time with tools such as flickr, twitter and facebook. this assumes however that you’re blogging for recognition or creative output. i would argue that it’s a completely different medium and serves a totally different purpose. whilst they say a picture can speak a thousand words, nothing can replace a well crafted piece of writing (and from a personal point of view – pressing publish when you’ve spent time writing).

on a different note, it’s worth considering company/development blogs too. still to this day when developing community strategies, blogs form a critical part of that strategy. the reason? it’s one of the simplest ways of communicating with your users, of getting feedback, giving a voice to your brand and creating an ongoing conversation (often meaning that you can address current issues immediately rather than the length of time it can often take to update the website etc).

so, mr paul boutin, you wired cynic, this gal may never be a famous blogger, she may never rank number one on google when you search “community“, but she’ll continue to write from the heart, she’ll always be passionate and will always have a genuine connection with her readers that a flickr picture of facebook status could never provide. so there.