May 9 2012

Please help Saskia’s kitty…

Let me start by saying that asking for help is never something that I’d ever do on my blog. I love you guys, I want to bring you funny (hopefully) content that keeps you amused.

However, you will also know how much I love cats. Yes, I have been called “Cat Lady” once or twice. Sadly my friend Saskia’s cat, Taffy, fell from the third floor of an apartment building last week. Having rushed him to the vets, he has a temporary cast but needs surgery. Poor tyke.

Then came the news that the surgery is going to cost £2,500 (expensive kitty, tsk!) and Taffy isn’t insured. Having contacted the RSPCA and PDSA, Saskia’s been told that as she isn’t on benefits, there’s nothing that they can do to help poor Taffy. Saskia is now forced with the awful realisation that she may have give him up to the RSPCA as she simply can’t afford the surgery.

This is where Cat Lady Mel comes in. I’m on a one woman mission to help save Taffy. I know how I’d be feeling if heaven forbid it was Hugo or Smudgie. Heartbroken. If you can find it in your hearts and can afford to donate just a couple of pounds, please let’s pull together and help save Taffy. I’d be eternally grateful. You can use the donate button on the righthand side of my blog. Oh and if you want to help spread the word, I guess we’d better start a hashtag too… #SaveTaffy.

Much love and keep your kitties safe.

M xox

UPDATE: The vets have contacted Saskia to say that they’ll now do the surgery for £1,000 so we’re almost there. Thank you so much for all of your support, it’s been completely overwhelming.

May 27 2010

things to make you smile

we all have things that make us smile. some of us have lots of things and others are just miserable buggers that only have a few. whatever the case might be, there are normally many things that make me smile. there are also a few that don’t. i thought i’d share…

YouTube Preview Image

you’re welcome… i thought i could inflict my day on others 🙂 a problem shared is a problem halved and all that!

would love to know what makes you smile… oh and if anybody wants to adopt a strawberry blonde cat, please apply below 😉

happy thursday xox

May 13 2010

ok call me cat woman…

so today’s video is coming, but i’ve decided to change the way that i use my blog. life has been so busy of late that blogging has stopped and even the weekly videos have been a struggle. that, my friend, is going to change. so whilst i wait for this week’s video to upload, here’s a little something to make you smile.

YouTube Preview Image

ok, ok, call me cat woman… a girl with 2 cats, but i’m not yet a spinster and you have to admit it was cute :p

Oct 30 2009

cheerleaders, nakedness and tesco

… all in the name of charity… oh and halloween!

i’d love to see your halloween pictures, so please post links in the comments below. i hope that you have an awesome friday!

YouTube Preview Image

big hugs and huge smiles,

m xox

Oct 24 2008

ninja mel video

if the video is going to make any sense at all, you might want to watch this first…

YouTube Preview Image

and now my version…

YouTube Preview Image

happy thursday – may this one be like no other 🙂