Aug 27 2009

the questions you ask but never admit!

we all have them, it’s just that not everybody admits to having them – you know, those random questions that you’re too embarrassed to ask. i thought that with me being a little random, i might get away with it, so here we go…

if you could help me in my plight to find the truth, i’d be eternally grateful.

yours eternally with much love,

m xox

Oct 18 2008

day 1 random mel video diary

well it’s here and it’s all your fault. you wanted to see a video diary of me for the week (goodness knows why), so that’s what you’ve got…. you didn’t specify that it had to be good so i hope that you’re not expecting too much 🙂

YouTube Preview Image

as for challenge mel – well your suggestions are still flowing in – most popular so far (you all seem to be sticking together on this one) is for me to blag free stuff (mainly meals it would appear) using my womanly charms – so i’m going to go work on those and then see if they’re up to the challenge. i think this could be a lot tougher than it sounds.

right, well off to the salon for me and i’ll check in with you again later…

mel xox

p.s. sorry for the voice, now you can see why i use paper 🙂

Jul 31 2008

stealing is not condoned…

but today’s an exception… just remember to give stuff back afterwards! officially that just means that you’re borrowing it… well in my books anyway 🙂 I’ll stop digging myself a hole now…

YouTube Preview Image

all items are being held hostage, to be returned upon realisation that they’re actually missing in the first place… after all the bow and arrow must be essential daily items right?

happy happy thursday lovely people, hope that you’re having a great week.

m x

Jul 24 2008

happy happy thursday…

it’s a super happy thursday…. let’s blame it on the sunshine and not the moonlight or the boogie…. okay it’s a bit of a random one.

YouTube Preview Image

thanks for taking a couple of minutes out of your day to share in my randomness with me. happy thursday.

m x

Jul 10 2008

my desk is where it’s at!

a while ago, i did a video about what was on my desk. it was random, as you’d expect from me, but it went down a storm. now that i’m at aardman, i thought it would be good to do it again – it’s very different! hope that you enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

happy thursday peeps xxx