Aug 5 2010

confessions of a geek girl

now as you’ll know, i’m the first to hold my hand up and declare myself a geek. however, up until now, there have been a number of things that i’ve kept under wraps. as a form of therapy, i’m coming clean and sharing them with you.

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make me feel better and leave your confessions in the comments, let’s have a big confession session.

love to you all.

m xox

Feb 11 2010

signs you’re amongst your own…

as it starts to enter into conference season again, there are always some welcoming tell tale signs that you’re amongst your own… a few of them are shared here…

i’d love your input too in the comments below. don’t be shy!

happy thursday peeps xox

Oct 8 2009

signs that you’re a g33k!

yes you! you’ve always suspected you might be, but now there’s definite indicators for you to check!

as always, i’d love your input in the comments below and thanks to those who have already helped with the making of this on twitter 🙂

love you all xox

Nov 20 2008

i want to play with you…

fancy joining in? there’s a “random” gift up for grabs and the odd few smiles along the way too…

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don’t forget to submit your answers, whether that’s in the comments below (ideally), by twitter ( or email (melkirk1 at

hope you’re having a splendid thursday!

over and out!