Jun 8 2012

Reasons to be Happy

It’s June people. I’ve been told it’s June, promised in fact. I know that the weather is suggesting otherwise.

On this dreary Friday, I share some awesome reasons to be happy. Enjoy. Don’t judge.

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OK, so some may call me a spinster, but I’m yet to become incontinent and until that time comes, it doesn’t count.

I’d love to hear the things that make you happy too, so don’t be shy, leave a comment.

Big love,

M xox

Jul 22 2010

can android boys date iphone girls?

having opened up the vlog to crowdsourced content, this week’s topic has been selected by @wallrat who posed the question “can android boys date iphone girls?”.

i know it’s a question so many of you have spent hours wide awake pondering at night. so i’ve taken an objective view and have recorded my findings for you here, my friends. please, no need to thank me.

really hoping this “crowdsourcing” thing takes off, i hear it’s pretty hot right now ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย help me out and suggest a topic in the comments below. the funnier the better, i don’t have dignity, it’s fine!

apologies for the delay in getting this posted, consider myself officially told off given your tweets and emails. it won’t happen again.

thursday hugs, M xox

Aug 6 2009

there was life before the iPhone?

this is what people are telling me, but i’m not quite sure that i believe them. if this is the case, i must have simply erased it from my memory… it’s time to go old school and remember how things were….

so it looks like i have lots of questions but no answers, if you could shed some light that would be awesome!

wishing you a fandabulous thursday!!!

me xox

Sep 11 2008

my techcrunch50 pitch

it’s with much delight that i’m able to share with you my pitch for techcrunch50…okay i may be a little late to the game and some of the ideas might have been heard before, but that doesn’t matter….. does it?

YouTube Preview Image

i am sweet and innocent really i swear, i just had my kitten claws out today. hope you enjoyed though… i think there’s potential there.

have a great week fab interweb folks!


p.s. happy thursday!