Dec 7 2012

Restaurant Review: Sams Brasserie, Chiswick

Sam's Brasserie in Chiswick, London

Chiswick is one of my favourite parts of London, leafy boutique filled streets and hidden gems of restaurants off of the beaten track. So when the lovely folks at Sams Brasserie invited me for supper there last week, I was more than a little excited.

Sams is very much a neighbourhood restaurant, with a massively homely feel. As soon as we walked in, the whole place was buzzing with friends catching up over deliciously cooked food and good wine. Whilst the food is up there with some of the best restaurants that I’ve eaten in, you don’t feel at all awkward when you walk in, no stuffy silences or snooty staff… a really friendly atmosphere.

With plenty of choice available on the menu, you might want to give yourself plenty of time to choose. My favourite dish by far was the Ricotta, Wild Mushroom & Spinach Pithivier which was insanely good. Even though I was stuffed, I could quite easily have eaten it all again. You can read my full review over at This Little Lady (which has also had a lovely re-design by the way).

Ricotta, Wild Mushroom & Spinach Pithivier at Sams Brasserie, Chiswick

Without sounding too blasse, we’re incredibly lucky in London to have a wealth of options available when it comes to restaurants, many of which serve great food. What sets Sams apart though is the people. The staff took the time to talk to us, explaining each of the meals fully and taking a real interest in what we thought of them. Their excitement for the Christmas Menu which was launching the next day was palpable and you could just tell that they actually loved what they do.

On a side note, there aren’t many restaurants where the waitress would come over half way through the meal to instruct you that your suitcase that they’re storing for you is vibrating and then pretend to believe you when you inform them it’s your toothbrush. Couldn’t be more grateful to that girl, I could have died! 😀

Be sure to check out Sams for yourself if you’re over that side of town. It’s well worth the trip and reasonably priced for the quality of food and service that you’ll receive. Great place to catch up with friends and family.

Sams Brasserie
11 Barley Mow Passage
W4 4PH
Tel: 0208 987 0555

Dec 6 2012

Exclusive Premiere of The Theory of Everything

Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to the premiere of a short film which had been commissioned entitled The Theory of Everything at The Hospital Club, London.

For those of you that have followed me for a while now, you’ll know that I used to work in dating and ironically have a history of being AWFUL at dates. So this was right up my street!

The film was written and produced by Stephen Follows of Catsnake who explained that they enlisted some of the world’s leading dark-matter physicists from Imperial College and CERN to assist with the story. This was to be no cheesy chick flick.

I don’t want to ruin the story for you, so instead, I suggest you grab a cuppa, sit back and relax and enjoy this little jewel of a film.

YouTube Preview Image

Make sure to watch the film to the end to win the chance for 2 people to see the Northern Lights or check out the Facebook Page for more details. Thanks to my lovely friends over at for the invitation to what was a lovely evening.

I hope that you love the film as much as I do. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Big love,

M xo



Nov 22 2012

Reasons not to take your boyfriend shopping

For those of you in the States, Happy Thanks Giving!

Normal service resumes: With Black Friday and Christmas almost upon us, it’s fair to say, we are now firmly in the shopping season. Oxford Street will be closing to traffic this Saturday to allow pedestrians to pound the streets.

If you’re considering a trip with your boyfriend or husband though, you may wish to watch the following:

YouTube Preview Image

No need to thank me. Seriously.

Stay awesome.

M xox

Nov 15 2012

Ever wish you could re-boot your day?

We’ve all been there – getting our heel stuck in the drain (not usually removing the whole drain with your heel like me), forgetting someone’s name, falling over etc. But normally it doesn’t all happen within a couple of weeks of one another. Unless you’re me.

Here I share some of my embarrassment to help you feel better about yourselves. No need to thank me. Seriously.

YouTube Preview Image

Please make me feel better by sharing yours too. We can be in it together.

Love and all that slushy stuff,

M xox



Nov 5 2012

Dukebox… a new kind of fun!

Anybody who knows me will know that I’ve always been a massive fan of Public in Chelsea. When the local council decided to enforce earlier closing times, the club was forced to close, leaving many Chelsea party goers with nowhere to go.

You can imagine my delight then, when Team PUBLIC announced that they’d be re-opening in a different location as Dukebox! This weekend I finally got around to checking it out for myself and you can read my full review on This Little Lady Went to London.

Thanks so much to the lovely PR team who kindly hosted us, I’ll definitely be back.

Much love,

M xox

Oct 26 2012

Dear Smirnoff…

Having kindly been invited to a secret Smirnoff party last night at the Tate Modern, I thought that it would only be fair to record a video to thank them. Enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t forget, the clocks go back by an hour this weekend, leaving you with more time to have fun… why waste it sleeping?

Use the comments and let me know what you plan to do! Comments make the world go round… or the disco ball, whatevs…

Much love,

M xox

Sep 14 2012

Annoying Pedestrians… Is That You?

You know when you’re running and that person steps out in front of you and refuses to move? Yeah that. This week’s video explores some of the most annoying pedestrians.

BTW – I apologise now that I look like an ice-cream cone and have fuzzy hair – it’s caused by holidays and work showers. In that order.

YouTube Preview Image

I’d love to hear your grievances too. I’m here to help.

Big love,

M xox

Aug 10 2012

Funny Things About the London 2012 Olympics

So, I’m the first to hold my hand up and admit that I was dreading the Olympics. The thought of a bustling London town, busier than usual and the terrible transport wasn’t filling me with joy.

But, then the Queen became a Bond Girl and all was well with the world again. In this week’s video, I share some lessons that I’ve learned during the Olympics.

YouTube Preview Image

I’d love to hear from you in the comments, so don’t be shy.

Big love,

M xox

May 24 2012

How is London dealing with the heat?

As the sun finally shows its smiley face upon the London town, it struck me that people aren’t quite ready; their wardrobes just aren’t prepared.

I decided to take a walk down Oxford Street to Carnaby Street to inspect for myself. Here I share my findings (if you’re not into fashion, it’s also a little tour of the city for you!).

YouTube Preview Image

I’d love to see your finds. Remember to cream up peeps, it’s scorching!

Big love.

M xox

p.s. the tune is London Town by Man Like Me. They’re pretty awesome dudes.

p.p.s Thanks to the wonderful Mills for being my patner in crime! x

Jan 19 2012

Some much needed London Underground etiquette

It appears that there are quite a lot of people who have never been taught how to commute underground. I thought I’d take time out to share some good etiquette with you, you know, just incase you didn’t already know. Watch this and tell me if you haven’t experienced at least one of these 😉

YouTube Preview Image

Happy Thursday! Stay awesome.

M xox