Aug 5 2010

confessions of a geek girl

now as you’ll know, i’m the first to hold my hand up and declare myself a geek. however, up until now, there have been a number of things that i’ve kept under wraps. as a form of therapy, i’m coming clean and sharing them with you.

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make me feel better and leave your confessions in the comments, let’s have a big confession session.

love to you all.

m xox

Dec 11 2008

getting into the christmas spirit

it’s getting to that time of year when you realise you still haven’t got your pressies and really should do something about it. i’ve pulled together a list of things for you guys that your gals will probably want this xmas. okay, maybe not your girls, maybe just me, but it might inspire!

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thanks to andy for the fab tune! now back to polishing my halo to ensure santa brings me all that i wish for!

happy thursday lovely peeps x

Nov 16 2008

gamer’s delight

well it started with illness, moved on to being super busy, then a lost power chord but at long last i’m back and i’m here to stay…

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videos are back to stay every thursday and my wrists have been well and truly slapped. i’ve been at a number of events over the past week, including swn festival for which i’ll be posting my slides shortly. watch this space.

love and hugs x

Oct 7 2008

mel’s missing!

mel’s being held to ransom, can you help get her back?

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here’s the winner of the random video competition…

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mel tells us all of the entries were great, but there was something about the dancing that appealed to her in this one… don’t understand why that could be.

anyway, one miiiiilllllion dolla or the smile gets it!

Sep 25 2008

get your dancing shoes on!

each week, i look forward to thursdays, it’s always fun… and well, i don’t take myself too seriously. inspiration is taking from random places (you’d never guess from the name of my blog!) and comes from all variety of places. today though… well today… i saw this…

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… and well, it made me do this…

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i’m sorry, i know, it’s embarrassing even by my standards. but, well, i hope it made you smile!

happy thursday xox

p.s. music is D.A.N.C.E by Justice…. i kinda love it!

Aug 14 2008

a special birthday present

i was sent a super special birthday present in celebration of me turning old tomorrow. then again… maybe it wasn’t so special… infact maybe it wasn’t a present at all…

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wishing you the happiest of happy thursdays… and remember turn the light off when you walk out of a room 🙂

m x

Aug 7 2008

i’m a pimp!

…like… really!!! okay okay that’s actually a lot more exciting than the truth, but it got your attention didn’t it?

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thanks for taking time out to watch my ickle video, i hope the sun shines really brightly on you today (but not so bright that you get sunburn… always wear suncream). i think i’ve had too much cola and the e-numbers have gone to my brain! back to work…

happy thursday lovely people,

m x

Jul 31 2008

stealing is not condoned…

but today’s an exception… just remember to give stuff back afterwards! officially that just means that you’re borrowing it… well in my books anyway 🙂 I’ll stop digging myself a hole now…

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all items are being held hostage, to be returned upon realisation that they’re actually missing in the first place… after all the bow and arrow must be essential daily items right?

happy happy thursday lovely people, hope that you’re having a great week.

m x

Jul 24 2008

happy happy thursday…

it’s a super happy thursday…. let’s blame it on the sunshine and not the moonlight or the boogie…. okay it’s a bit of a random one.

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thanks for taking a couple of minutes out of your day to share in my randomness with me. happy thursday.

m x