Dec 6 2012

Tips on how to avoid the doghouse this Christmas!

18 sleeps. 18 SLEEPS. EIGHTEEN SLEEPS. That’s all that separates me from the big man, Santa. Oh yeah, baby.

With so little shopping time left to go, boys, it’s time to start thinking of gifts for your loved ones. Yes by loved ones I mean family, your mates (unlikely I realise), but most importantly your partner. You see, your partner holds the power to make Christmas one of the most special or painful times of year.

So without further ado, let me give you some tips to keep you out of the doghouse this Christmas.

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Probably worth also noting that you could buy the most amazing gift in the world, but if you rock up at 4am on Christmas morning having been out with the lads the night before, leaving you incapable of eating Christmas dinner… it’s going to be an uphill struggle.

I’d love to hear from you, so make me happy and leave me a comment.

Much Thursday love.

M xox


Nov 29 2012

Some tips for men during Movember

We all know that Movember supports a brilliant cause – it raises awareness and saves lives. Trust us, we girls appreciate it, especially if it helps the men in our lives.

Now that I’ve got that little disclaimer out of the way, some thoughts you may wish to consider when participating in Movember.

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Congrats to all of those that took part… now, Saturday, add to your to-do list remove tache! Thanks! Roll on Fanuary….

Much Thursday love

Mel xox

Nov 22 2012

Reasons not to take your boyfriend shopping

For those of you in the States, Happy Thanks Giving!

Normal service resumes: With Black Friday and Christmas almost upon us, it’s fair to say, we are now firmly in the shopping season. Oxford Street will be closing to traffic this Saturday to allow pedestrians to pound the streets.

If you’re considering a trip with your boyfriend or husband though, you may wish to watch the following:

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No need to thank me. Seriously.

Stay awesome.

M xox

Jul 20 2012

There’s a dating guru on the loose…

The man’s a pro, you may not have seen him, but he has a whole YouTube channel dedicated to tips. The thing is, I wasn’t shown these before it happened to me. So a gift from me to you, the warning signs. I mean, it wouldn’t be clear otherwise.

YouTube Preview Image

In case that’s not enough, there’s evidence of him sharing his tips with others. Please take note.

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… and yes, I too will now be doing shoutouts. Make your requests in the comments below.

Much love xox

Jul 12 2012

Reasons boys make better friends than girls

Let me start by saying girls are awesome. Really awesome. They rock in pretty much every way.

However, there are some reasons that guys make awesome friends… I kinda love them like that. For some reasons why, just take a look at this week’s video.

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Much love. Stay awesome.

M xox

Jun 28 2012

Secrets Us Girls Don’t Want You Boys To Know…

Boys, you’ll know that I like to do my bit to help – in this week’s video, secrets that us girls keep amongst ourselves until now… You may not wish to click play if you’d rather think we smell of roses. I mean, we do, but only 80% of the time.

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I’d love to hear your insights too, so don’t be shy, leave a comment and make my day.

Big love,

M xox

Jun 14 2012

Little White Lies Girls Tell Boys

We all know that the communication between boys and girls is often complex territory. They say that men are from Venus and women from Mars, I personally think this may be too close.

Then of course, there’s the subject of white lies. In this week’s video, I uncover some “untruths” that us girls may have been guilty of telling our boys…

YouTube Preview Image

I’d love to hear yours too, so please use the comments.

Much love and Thursday hugs.

M xox

p.s. I’m being a spanner. The last part was meant to say the man with the sticker on his trousers. Poor thing was telling the world he has a 38 inch waist all the way down his trousers on a sticker. I should have said something. I feel bad.

Mar 18 2010

girls control the world…

ever wondered what would happen if the opposite sex controlled the world? i personally think the planet would be a bloody fantastic place if it was left to us girls, but i guess i would right? here are a few things i’d like to see…

i’d love to hear your suggestions too, so don’t be shy, leave a comment 🙂

love ya!

m xox

Aug 20 2009

the difference between boys and girls

let’s face it there are many. essentially, i think that we’re just a different species living in the same world. i could go on to list all of the differences, but i fear it could take a while, so here’s a few to keep you going.

i’d love to hear the differences that i’ve missed, i know that there’s lots…. leave your comment below ☟(that was a downward pointing finger btw).

have a fabulous thursday!

m xox