Dec 4 2012

The Monday Currently; Week 5 (a day late)

Mel Kirk The Monday Currently for Randommel

I’m a day late, so it’s actually really the Tuesday Currently, but it’s here nonetheless. Following a much more upbeat week than the past few, I’m glad to be back and with a big smile on my face to boot (I’m using the phrase “to boot”, not asking you to boot my face btw). So without further ado…

reading back the post that I have just written reviewing Sams Brasserie in Chiswick for the scrumptious meal that I ate there last Friday evening. I really need to get better at this regular posting thing!

listening to King Charles. I had a lunch meeting with his Manager last week and you’ll be hearing more about him soon. Watch this space.

thinking I can’t believe that it’s less than 3 weeks to go until Christmas. My grandma has finally been placed in her hospice and so I’ll be going down to take her Christmas presents this weekend to help settle her in etc. I can’t believe I’m buying Christmas pressies already… it still feels like June. This is also the type of thing my mum used to say, you know, where has the year gone blah, blah, blah. At the time I used to think it was because she was old. Now I know that  I’m old.

smelling Florabotanica by Balenciaga. My favourite perfume used to be Gucci II (coined my date perfume) but when it ran out, I decided to try something different and I’m in love with it.

wishing my good friend Laura the happiest of birthdays.

hoping the goodies I’m awaiting from ASOS looks as gorgeous on me as they did on the website. I have an Aston Martin cocktail party to go to on Thursday, and of course, none of my existing LBD’s were suitable 😉

wearing black leggings, over the knee boots and a cute new denim shirt from GAP that has a lovely tailored shape to it. Casual, comfie and hair tied in a bun. Not a glamorous day. Making the most of not having to go out this evening!

loving the fact that Kate and Will are expecting. I’ve always been a bit of a secret Royalist, but now it’s in full flourish.

wanting the Miu Miu Studded Leather Tote. Santa baby…

needing to do ironing. Seriously. It’s been a month and I’ve mainly been living out of a suitcase. Tonight, I have a date with my iron. I’m SERIOUSLY that cool.

feeling happy. The boy passed his tests and is now a Captain! How exciting is that?!? I managed to spring a surprise meal on him with his friends and family and he fell for it hook, line and sinker *insert smug face*

clicking through Goats On Things. I don’t know why this amuses me, but it does, no end.

After another busy week, this week sees the Aston Martin cocktail reception, the launch of Camden Eye Pizza, Surrey Does Christmas Dinner and a trip back to Bristol. Wish me luck.

Happy Tuesday. Stay awesome.

M xox

Nov 19 2012

The Monday Currently: Week 3

The Monday Currently Week 3


The Monday Currently continues. This week saw a lovely supper with wine tasting at The Builders Arms in Chelsea courtesy of Geronimo Pubs (post to follow) and a trip to Dorset. General awesomeness. So, here’s what’s going on this week…

reading the wonderfully sparkly posts from Gala Darling, my new fave blog. I’ve downloaded the first chapter of her book Love & Sequins. Review to follow.

listening the uplifting beats of Cazzette. Loving the first installment of their album available from Spotify and the fact that they’ve done it as an app. Sweet design. All round, WINNING.

thinking how quickly it’s going to be Christmas. I’m using Pinterest’s new secret boards to collate gift ideas for my family.

smelling Quietude by Temple Spa. It’s meant to be a calming mist. Not really into that sort of stuff, but anything is worth a try at the moment.

wishing I lived closer to my mum to provide her with better support. Until then, occasional visits, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Email and Instagram will have to go. Thank goodness for the digital age.

hoping that the boy passes his exams this week. He’s just been promoted from Pilot to Captain and this is the week of his final tests. Apparently that final stripe means everything 😉

wearing country clothes, READ Hunters, jeans, Ralph Lauren sweater and gillet.

loving the new sites and services that I’ve been recommended of late. I’ve taken to emailing them, asking for inspiration and it’s amazing the amount of stuff that amasses – it’s just taking the time to ask them to share. I’d highly recommend. I’ll be doing a post with my top take-aways soon.

wanting an SLR. I really want to include more photography on my site and I’m realising that Instagram pics just don’t cut it. Plus I’m growing an addiction to filters. That can’t be healthy right?

needing to get an early night. Last week consisted of 18 hour days and that’s not good for dark circles. Tonight will be tranquil, spent reading my favourite blogs. I’m also considering a new book purchase – I’d love to find something on micro-networks and marketing. Does anybody have any suggestions?

feeling emotionally exhausted. Sadly my grandma has been terminally diagnosed with brain tumours. Now time is to be spent making sure her remaining time is as comfortable and happy as possible. I’m heartbroken (sorry for the sad entry here).

clicking through Pocket. I’ve decided to become more organised in my online life. I’m slightly OCD offline and I’ve decided I’d be more productive if this spread to my web practices too, so I’m thinking Pocket can help me with that.

Happy Monday. Stay awesome.

M xox

Aug 26 2010

essentials for every festival goer…

forget designer wellies, over the body bags and bbqs – here are all of the essentials that you’ll need to survive this festival season! produced using my own experience of course.

no animals were harmed during the research for this video.

YouTube Preview Image

i’d love to hear your comments in the box below. as always, happy thursday and big hugs.

m xox

May 13 2010

getting down with ‘da kids…

or not! it would appear that i have a long way to go. just watch. you’ll understand.

look forward to receiving your comments. smiles to you all on this fab thursday!

m xox

Oct 15 2009

if you don’t read any of my other posts…

you might want to take 3 minutes out of your day to watch this video!

my awesome friends and colleagues at white label dating chipped in to this week’s video after the gauntlet had been laid down by iDazz on twitter. never one to shy away from the challenge, we decided to make it into this week’s video.

i should add that ross, the ceo, wasn’t around at the time and takes no responsibility for our bad singing. it’s purely on my own back. apologies!

YouTube Preview Image

i’m sure that you’re dying to know who the gorgeous boys and girls were in the video making it a whole load more attractive this week… so…

chloe benn – the girl with the lovely beanie & the beautiful smile!

francesca heath – the stunning blonge that i mention way too often in my tweets!

jacob rivard – the one who should have been in a boy band

andy gosling – the guy who is actually in a band!

i hope that you got as much amusement out of watching as we had making it and i’d love to get your feedback / see your own version!

Me xox

Nov 30 2008

make me feel like the one

i was lucky enough to get tickets to see stereophonics on friday night – made a million times better by the fact that they were playing bristol… something that never happens. you see, bristol is a thriving city with an active music scene and yet still no decent gig venue… but i diverse…

here’s a clippet from the gig, i really hope that you enjoy!

if you get a chance, they’re well worth checking out live… a night that i’ll never forget 🙂