Feb 21 2013

Funny perils about starting a new job

Starting a new job is always stressful – the download of information, remembering everyone’s names, working out the social hierarchy. But then there’s stuff like asking where the loo is and having them know you need to pee. Yes, I’m 12.


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I hope you all is well with you in your world. Leave a comment and put a smile on my face.

Much love,

M xox

Jun 9 2011

Don’t drink beer in the office…

So, today, I came across a website with good office etiquette. Many of their suggestions were sensible (read: dull) and therefore I thought I’d share them with you as they’re currently rules I live by.

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I’d love to see your offices and what you do with them (assuming they’re suitable before the watershed of course).

Happy Thursday!

M xox

May 19 2011

When you record video in the office…

You know when you record video in the office that you might get a few odd looks. However, the wonderful Jammers take things to a whole other level. Ironic that it’s a video about the failures of my life.


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To my darling Jammers, I love you. To everyone else, I apologise.

M xox

Apr 6 2011

Sunny London Town in Spring

I know that everybody’s tweeting about it. I know there are semi-naked men bathing in it. But the sun is out. It’s out in force and word has it, it even has it’s hat on.

Thought I’d share the view from the sun deck… starting from Oxford Street right down to Great Portland Street. You really can’t beat London in the sunshine!

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Show me your view… post pics! 🙂

Happy happy Wednesday peeps.

M xox

Feb 18 2010

a little insight to my life…

they say that what we have on our desk says a lot about us. i’m normally a monica, so the fact that i have so much is quite unusual… believe me?

i’d love to see what you have on your desks too. oh and out of interest, what sites do you stay logged in to all day? i’ve found i have a routine…

  1. work mail
  2. gmail
  3. twitter
  4. google calendar
  5. google docs

random, but i just thought i’d throw it out there!

hope you’re all awesomesauce. thanks for making me smile 🙂 x

Sep 25 2008

get your dancing shoes on!

each week, i look forward to thursdays, it’s always fun… and well, i don’t take myself too seriously. inspiration is taking from random places (you’d never guess from the name of my blog!) and comes from all variety of places. today though… well today… i saw this…

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… and well, it made me do this…

YouTube Preview Image

i’m sorry, i know, it’s embarrassing even by my standards. but, well, i hope it made you smile!

happy thursday xox

p.s. music is D.A.N.C.E by Justice…. i kinda love it!