Feb 18 2010

a little insight to my life…

they say that what we have on our desk says a lot about us. i’m normally a monica, so the fact that i have so much is quite unusual… believe me?

i’d love to see what you have on your desks too. oh and out of interest, what sites do you stay logged in to all day? i’ve found i have a routine…

  1. work mail
  2. gmail
  3. twitter
  4. google calendar
  5. google docs

random, but i just thought i’d throw it out there!

hope you’re all awesomesauce. thanks for making me smile 🙂 x

Jul 31 2008

stealing is not condoned…

but today’s an exception… just remember to give stuff back afterwards! officially that just means that you’re borrowing it… well in my books anyway 🙂 I’ll stop digging myself a hole now…

YouTube Preview Image

all items are being held hostage, to be returned upon realisation that they’re actually missing in the first place… after all the bow and arrow must be essential daily items right?

happy happy thursday lovely people, hope that you’re having a great week.

m x

Jul 29 2008

laugh at my expense…

the one and only vero pepperrell kindly pointed me to an interview that the guys from freshbooks did with me at fowa miami earlier this year. i’m actually speaking in this video and it might give you an indicator as to why my weekly videos are done in mute!

oh you should probably know before you watch that i’m incredibly drunk, although you probably would have sussed that for yourself.

YouTube Preview Image

now yes, i can hear your chuckling. i know i was terribly drunk. i know that i could hardly stand and yes, yes, i know that texas is not north america… it was humour in my drunken state.

i hope that it made you chuckle, even if it was at my expense… taxi!

Jun 3 2008

i’m leaving carsonified…

after almost two years with carsonified, i’m announcing today that i’m moving to pastures new.

i’m more proud than words can say to have been part of a team that has gone from a few web apps, workshops and 2 large conferences a year – to numerous workshops, conferences, expos and web apps. i know the effort that goes into each of the events that carsonified lays on and i know that the team will continue to go from strength to strength. i thought it might be quite fun to recap…

during my time, i’ve…

reason for leaving

i know that many people will think that i’m mad for leaving such a forward thinking company, positioned in my opinion, in one of the best industries in the world.

i’ve been offered a 6 month contract with the oscar winning aardman animations (makers of wallace and grommit, heck yeah!) looking after their online communities and driving the strategies for their online presence. it’s an opportunity i feel that i have to take – i’m passionate about bringing content to the masses and community work is where my heart is, so i’m excited to apply this to another industry (whilst still being a web chick of course).

in the long term, i’d love to have my own consultancy some day – helping people connect with their users/communities and i think that this is vital experience in helping me along the way – plus, come on… it’s wallace and grommit! the first project that i am working on will be reaching out to animators, so if you have any work that you’d like to showcase, remember to keep me in mind…

my last day with carsonified is 5th June and then i’ll be out in the wilderness, yikers!

so what now?

i love you guys. i love the web. i love everyone who spends 5 minutes reading my silly blog about things that really don’t matter. i love the way everyone gets more and more amazed (and often baffled) by my random videos. i know that’s cheesy but it’s true. the friendships and connections that i have made over the last couple of years are genuine, i really care about you guys and i hope that they continue and everyone stays in touch.

the web is the best industry in the world. a revolution is taking place. connections are happening between people in the world that couldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the sites and technologies that you guys are working on, i’m so honored to be part of it. man i love the web 🙂

mel xox

p.s. i think i’d be quite good at oscar acceptance speeches don’t you think 😀

p.p.s you can stay in touch by…

email:         melkirk1 at gmail dot com
facebook:   mel kirk (bristol)
aim:            melkirk2006

i’m basically all over the web!!!

May 30 2008

intimate details of the new age single girl

ok ok, so i know that this is harsh and probably not something that i should be doing, but here goes…

i’ll first make things better by making a bit of a confession. having been single for a while, i was discussing the situation with my friends – explaining that bars just aren’t the right places to find someone and when you work for a small company you’re never going to find someone in work. it was at this point that one of my friends suggested i try an online dating site. now, i’m aware of the stigma attached to those sites and i said no at least for the first 8 times she suggested it.

on the 9th time though i broke and agreed to sign up to a site, but refused to post a proper profile or a picture. i just wanted to be nosy and have a gander. 5 minutes after signing up i get an email from the chap above telling my how pretty my picture is and he can’t believe that i’m single.

worried that i had accidentally posted a picture, i check my profile and there’s definitely nothing there. then i read the email again and it’s very generic which is when it struck me that it was an email he was cutting and pasting to all of the girls on the site. needless to say i didn’t respond.

so here’s a word of warning for all of you guys and girls out there – if you’re going to send a generic email, check the content first and make sure it’s relevant and if you really want to push the boat out, maybe even use their name… on a side note, having posters on your walls (including one of ghostbusters and another of a girl in a bikini) is never going to help your case.

i think i’d rather remain single thanks – the quickest signup and withdrawal from a site ever 🙂

m x

p.s. imagine how awful it would be if he found my blog! it’s never going to happen is it, but imagine…!