Mar 17 2011

What type of shopper are you?

All shoppers have a style… you know the types, the leisurely browsers, the ones on a mission and those that are, just, well… clueless!

In this week’s video I explore the different types of shopper and ask the question… which type of shopper are you?

Answers in the comments below please. Come on share and bare!

Much love, M xox

Mar 2 2011

Time to grow up?!?

Some 3 years ago, I had my blog designed by the wonderful Andrew Pepperell (now famous for the awesome Alfred app). Whilst I love the design, heck it’s served me well, I feel like I’ve grown a lot in that time and it’s time to update my blog to reflect that.

My Thursday videos are back with a vengence and I’ve no intention of losing them. However, I’ve been on a huge learning curve in that time – from growing communities to a Head of Marketing and now onto managing blogger relations.

I know that some of the more interesting posts that I read are those ‘warts and all’ posts from others admitting their mistakes and sharing their learnings and I’d hope to do the same. I’d also like to start to interview thought leaders from different industries all connected by their passion for the web and I need somewhere for that to live.

Therefore, I put out a tweet last week and was inundated by kind offers, for which I’m very grateful. Having been approached by Christina Fowler, I looked at some of her work and felt it suited my style well.

My brief was clear – I’ve grown up and I wanted my blog to grow up too. It needed to remain a level of fun and it needed to be approachable – the whole purpose for my blog is to encourage conversation, to engage and listen rather than just push content. And, so, there it is, it’s currently in the hands of the design gods, well Christina, and she’s working on wireframes as we speak. I’m excited to get back the initial mood boards, which will be shared with you here and I’m hoping to ask her to explain her design inspirations here too.

In the meanwhile, I’d love to hear of your favourite sites in terms of design. I think I have a design eye and love good typography (shame that I’m lacking the skill!), so any pretty sites you can point me in the direction of, would be awesome.

Aug 5 2010

confessions of a geek girl

now as you’ll know, i’m the first to hold my hand up and declare myself a geek. however, up until now, there have been a number of things that i’ve kept under wraps. as a form of therapy, i’m coming clean and sharing them with you.

YouTube Preview Image

make me feel better and leave your confessions in the comments, let’s have a big confession session.

love to you all.

m xox

Jun 18 2009

What happens in Vegas…

with my first trip to vegas planned for under 24 hours, i’ve started to prepare. the question is…. does vegas realise what it’s in for?

i’m sorry… i know that this week’s video isn’t funny or informative… but heck, it’s vegas baby!

keep smiling. big hugs, me xox

Feb 15 2009

random thursday video 1 year anniversary, hip hip hooray!

Randommel's 1 Year Anniversary

it’s with much pleasure and squealing delight that i make it to my first year’s anniversary of the randommel weekly thursday videos and i’ve had a blast!

i’m often asked how it all came about and the truth is by accident, and boy what a great accident (if only they could all be that good, given how accident prone i am). so this time last year, i was in charge of organising the future of web apps miami event whist working at carsonified.

i wanted to do a little promo for the event to show how excited i was, but didn’t want to speak (you know what it’s like to hear your own voice!). feedback was great and what girl doesn’t like a little boost to her ego?

the next week was valentines and it seemed there was a lot going on, so i did another. before you know it i’d done a couple and when i forgot to do them or thought that i’d done enough, i’d get emails asking for more and so they continued.

i’ve had amazing support from you all over the past year, dedicated regular viewers and even some videos in my honour. i often pinch myself as it all seems too good to be true, but  it’s then i remember what industry we’re in… the best one in the world!

so, thank you! as long as they’re welcome, they’ll continue!

m xox

Dec 11 2008

getting into the christmas spirit

it’s getting to that time of year when you realise you still haven’t got your pressies and really should do something about it. i’ve pulled together a list of things for you guys that your gals will probably want this xmas. okay, maybe not your girls, maybe just me, but it might inspire!

YouTube Preview Image

thanks to andy for the fab tune! now back to polishing my halo to ensure santa brings me all that i wish for!

happy thursday lovely peeps x

Nov 20 2008

i want to play with you…

fancy joining in? there’s a “random” gift up for grabs and the odd few smiles along the way too…

YouTube Preview Image

don’t forget to submit your answers, whether that’s in the comments below (ideally), by twitter (twitter.com/melkirk) or email (melkirk1 at gmail.com)

hope you’re having a splendid thursday!

over and out!


Nov 16 2008

gamer’s delight

well it started with illness, moved on to being super busy, then a lost power chord but at long last i’m back and i’m here to stay…

YouTube Preview Image

videos are back to stay every thursday and my wrists have been well and truly slapped. i’ve been at a number of events over the past week, including swn festival for which i’ll be posting my slides shortly. watch this space.

love and hugs x

Oct 24 2008

ninja mel video

if the video is going to make any sense at all, you might want to watch this first…

YouTube Preview Image

and now my version…

YouTube Preview Image

happy thursday – may this one be like no other 🙂

Oct 7 2008

mel’s missing!

mel’s being held to ransom, can you help get her back?

YouTube Preview Image

here’s the winner of the random video competition…

YouTube Preview Image

mel tells us all of the entries were great, but there was something about the dancing that appealed to her in this one… don’t understand why that could be.

anyway, one miiiiilllllion dolla or the smile gets it!