May 24 2012

How is London dealing with the heat?

As the sun finally shows its smiley face upon the London town, it struck me that people aren’t quite ready; their wardrobes just aren’t prepared.

I decided to take a walk down Oxford Street to Carnaby Street to inspect for myself. Here I share my findings (if you’re not into fashion, it’s also a little tour of the city for you!).

YouTube Preview Image

I’d love to see your finds. Remember to cream up peeps, it’s scorching!

Big love.

M xox

p.s. the tune is London Town by Man Like Me. They’re pretty awesome dudes.

p.p.s Thanks to the wonderful Mills for being my patner in crime! x

Jul 2 2009

dear mr bank manager…

dear mr bank manager,

you might experience a sudden spike in my spend today. there is a reason for this. please let me explain. take a seat…

thanks for your understanding.

kindest regards,

me xox (and my cute new dress!)

May 14 2009

the dream and reality of windsor

you know what it’s like… you had an image in your head of what it’s going to be like to live somewhere. it’s always interesting to see whether the reality lives up to that…

oh and in other news, the #transvestitedownstairs threw out the only decent shoes i’ve seen her own the other day. i politely added a post-it saying ‘these are beautiful and need to be kept” – not quite sure how that went down.

the music is “i’m yours” (thanks @mariasha) by jason mraz (thanks @iDazz) from the album “we sing. we dance. we steal things”. it’s totally awesome!

have an amazing thursday!


p.s. i’m also leaving the mass audience of youtube in exchange for the beauty and freedom on vimeo… hope you don’t mind!

Oct 18 2008

day 1 random mel video diary

well it’s here and it’s all your fault. you wanted to see a video diary of me for the week (goodness knows why), so that’s what you’ve got…. you didn’t specify that it had to be good so i hope that you’re not expecting too much 🙂

YouTube Preview Image

as for challenge mel – well your suggestions are still flowing in – most popular so far (you all seem to be sticking together on this one) is for me to blag free stuff (mainly meals it would appear) using my womanly charms – so i’m going to go work on those and then see if they’re up to the challenge. i think this could be a lot tougher than it sounds.

right, well off to the salon for me and i’ll check in with you again later…

mel xox

p.s. sorry for the voice, now you can see why i use paper 🙂

Sep 11 2008

my techcrunch50 pitch

it’s with much delight that i’m able to share with you my pitch for techcrunch50…okay i may be a little late to the game and some of the ideas might have been heard before, but that doesn’t matter….. does it?

YouTube Preview Image

i am sweet and innocent really i swear, i just had my kitten claws out today. hope you enjoyed though… i think there’s potential there.

have a great week fab interweb folks!


p.s. happy thursday!