Nov 13 2012

Your Choice of the Best iPad Apps

I’ve decided to become more efficient. Yes, there, I said it. I came to this conclusion yesterday, when I realised that I have 4 different online diaries, 6 different email accounts and my moleskin diary which is where I actually keep all of my information but never carry it with me.

Image of an Apple iPad

Therefore,  I decided that I want to try and start streamlining my work processes, using my iPad a lot more to ease consumption of content on my journey in to work, make life simpler when I’m there and be able to easily continue work/blogging when I get home. So I asked you crazy bunch for your recommendations for your favourite iPad apps and this is what you recommended:

Softsign – great for signing documents such as contracts, timesheets and expense claims.

Notablity –  Take Notes & Annotate PDFs with Dropbox & Google Drive Sync. KAPOW!

AlienBlue – Reddit client that makes the most of the beautiful, yes I said beautiful, touchscreen.

Evernote – Write note, tasks, save files and share across multiple devices. Seamlessly synced.

Then some extra ones that I personally use:

Feedly – Great RSS reader for catching up on your favourite sites and blogs on your commute

Pinterest – Everyone loves Pinterest. With it being so visual, it works really nicely and can be great for wasting a good few hours.

TV Catchup – Watch live TV in bed on your iPad. What? It’s almost Christmas! It’s cold. Bed is allowed.

Pocket – Awesome bookmarking tool for content that you find online and want to catch up with at a later date.

WordPress – It’s all about blogging on the go.

Photoshop Express – Vastly cheaper than the full Photoshop package and whilst it doesn’t contain all of the features, it is good for the basics.

Spotify – For music in the bath. Obvs.

COD Zombies – Not easy at all to control with the touchscreen, but sometimes you just need to game.

The main thing that I adore about having the iPad is the ability to keep up with all of my favourite blogs when I’m busy during the day. Being able to save RSS feeds offline or articles to Pocket is fantastic. The only issue being that I always forget to sync before I leave the house in the morning. I’m waiting for the day they push content at the beginning and end of the day 😉

If you’re looking for a regular source of iPad reviews, iPad today is really good. I just prefer personal recommendations from you cheeky chaps.

I’d love to hear your app recommendations, so feel free to leave a comment.

Much Tuesday love,

M xox

May 10 2012

Reasons why Pinterest is better than sex…

OK, by now, you’re bound to have been subjected to my addiction to Pinterest. You’ll also be aware that I’m single. Therefore I guess, the following video will come as no surprise.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dudes and dudettes, I present to you the reasons that Pinterest is better than sex.

YouTube Preview Image

I know, I really need to get out some more, but pinning is so god damn good!

Stay awesome.

M xox

p.s. thank you so much for all of your support in raising funds for Saskia’s kitty. We’ve been totally overwhelmed!


Dec 10 2010

Le Web Roundup

Following the Le Web conference held in Paris over the past two days, I wanted to take this opportunity to summarise the event for you, sharing with you what I’ve learned.

Firstly, I should take this opportunity as a hat tip to Loic and Geraldine Le Meur who did an amazing job of organising the conference on the largest scale it’s ever been. Wherever you turned, there were people talking, connecting and sharing ideas. Not only was it a great environment to help bring people together but the quality of the presentations were awesome – something which is too often hit and miss at these types of events.

The main themes to come out of Le Web were mobile disruption, the current state of the acquisition model and the continuing discussion around the Europe/US tech divide. Let me explain some more:-

Mobile Disruption

It was clear that Apple shouldn’t become too complacent from all of the presentations taking place at the conference. The audience were raving about the new Windows 7 operating system and it’s certainly something I’d be keen to try. When Google’s Marissa Mayer demo’d the Android 2 handset with the new Google Maps built in, people were offering to hand in their iPhones in exchange.

There definitely appears to be a turn in the tide, with consumers wanting phones that work as well as look attractive. The average consumer no longer has a handset for work and a handset for home, they want to be able to do everything on one device and the question is, who will do it the best, first? Only time will tell….

The Current Acquisition Market

After the alleged $6b acquisition attempt by Google of Groupon, the big subject on everybody’s lips is whether we’re in another bubble heading towards bursting. This was only fuelled when Dennis Crowley, Co-Founder of FourSquare took to the stage and confirmed that they had turned down an acquisition offer in the region of $140m.

Regardless of all of this speculation, the VCs seemed clear that they didn’t believe that it was a bubble in the respect of that which took place nearly a decade ago. If the industry were to take a downturn, it’s very much encouraging that they believe we’d be able to survive it. With more business than ever before taking place online, it’s only right that the value of existing online assets will go up. Whether I agree with this is a different matter…

Europe/US Divide

The interesting debate kicked off which takes place at most of the European web events, which is whether it’s truly possible to achieve large scale success being outside of the States, and in particular San Francisco.

It seems that being in San Francisco provides many of the entrepreneurs there an opportunity to gather a strong support network, plenty more angel investment opportunities and allegedly a different working mentality. I can certainly see that there is value to having great people, trying to achieve great things around you would encourage and motivate you and provide you with some amazing contacts that may be useful in the future.

One point that was raised that I’m not sure that I agree with is that the mentality of entrepreneurs trying to make a success in the US is different as these people are doing what they’re doing because they truly love it, it’s a way of life for them, whereas in Europe we’re focused on exit. They cited Dennis Crowley turning down the acquisition offer as he says that he wouldn’t want to sell the company as it’s the one thing that he’s passionate about. Whether he genuinely means that or is waiting for a better valuation, only time will tell…

I had an amazing couple of days, meeting some truly inspiration people including the wonderful Bertrand Piccard.  To those of you with whom I had the pleasure of meeting… until next year, au revoir!

Dec 8 2010

Le Web has kicked off… check out live posts here!

The auditorium is packed and a hush settles over the audience. This year’s Le Web appears to be bigger than ever before and not only that it’s beautiful. A lot of work goes into organising Le Web, you can tell not only from it’s size but the perfect management of the event, making it faultless.

With higher expectations than ever before, let me first go to the Microsoft presentation done by Charlie Kendel, the head of their Developer Ecosystem. The presentation starts promptly with Loic questioning how many handsets have been sold using the Windows platform to date. Charlie dodges the question and refuses to share how many this number of how many they plan on selling over the next year. It appears that Microsoft are a very closed organisation and as Loic points out, as a developer developing for the Windows platform, it’s impossible to get information such as how many downloads your app receives.

Charlie says that the new platform that they’re launching is very much focussed on the customer segment as opposed to operators which is what previously has been the case. It appears that Microsoft now recognise that people manage both their business and personal lives on one handset.

The new Windows 7 phone being launched by Microsoft appears to be much more social, encouraging development from the cloud. The phone comes with Xbox Live is built in with high quality games, they want it to be known as the Xbox phone. To date, 3500 applications have been uploaded to the market place one month after launch with 1500 developers already registered.

From the presentation, it would appear that Microsoft have seen the error of their ways and are attempting to change their direction to keep themselves in the mobile market as a credible platform provider. What that means for the future of their platform is yet to be seen.

Feb 11 2010

signs you’re amongst your own…

as it starts to enter into conference season again, there are always some welcoming tell tale signs that you’re amongst your own… a few of them are shared here…

i’d love your input too in the comments below. don’t be shy!

happy thursday peeps xox