Dec 11 2012

Products to Show Your Instagram Love

Any of you fellow Twitter and Instagram fanatics, will currently be mourning the loss of the ability to display your pretty pictures within Twitter. If you’re like me, your profile grid will be half empty and missing that nostalgic glow that so many of us have become accustomed to.

To make up for this; to add some prettiness back into your life (Twitter filters don’t come with your Instagram community) and to show some love, I’m dedicating this post to Instagram and all of the wonderful things that you can do with it… Here are some of my faves!

Casetagram from £21

I need one of these in my life immediately. No more awkwardly picking up someone else’s phone and seeing something you shouldn’t you cheeky little monkey!

Casetagram Instagram iPhone Case

Blurb Instagram Book from just £6.80

All of your favourite piccies in a hardback book. What’s not to love?

Blurb Instagram Hardback Book

I’m assuming it doesn’t come complete with pooch. Would be nice though.

Instagram Calendar – One of many items from the awesome folks at Printstagram for just £24.

Instagram Calendar from Printstagram

Instagram Chocolates – Personalised chocolate from Cocograph – from £8

These cute chocolates aren’t currently available in the UK but I’m reliably informed that they’re happy to ship. I think it’s worth the wait. Not sure I’d fancy eating a picture of my cat though, bless his cotton socks.

Cocograph Chocolate Instagram Pictures

Instagram Magnets by StickGram from £9

Always useful to pop up magnets on the fridge of you when you fitted in THAT bikini. Just saying.

Stickygram Instagram Fridge Magnets

Instaprint – price on application

Awesome little booths to print on the go at events. A must have for any hipster soiree, surely?

Instaprint Instagram Photo Booth for Events

Projecteo – available on Kickstarter. Bids from $1.

A teenie weenie Instagram projector. Nothing better than an impromptu slide show I find.

Projecteo Instagram Projector Mini

And of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Instagram Christmas cards from Cheergram.

Cheergram Instagram Christmas Holiday Cards

Of course, if all else fails, you could bring photos back into Twitter using this Chrome extension (thanks to @martymerc for the tip off).

Hopefully that’s brightened your Tuesday. Now let’s make the world pretty again.

Much love,

M xox

Nov 26 2012

The Monday Currently; Week 4

Mel Kirk Profile Picture

The last week has been a fairly quiet one, focusing on family. With a combination of work and my blog, life can get hectic, but the last few weeks have helped to give me some perspective. That and a meeting with Santa, obviously. So, here’s what’s going on this week…

reading The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith. I’m really keen to learn about marketing to networks offline. With the huge shift to social, it’s easy to forget the importance of peer-to-peer recommendations offline and this really intrigues me.

listening to Dog is Dead – an indie band from Nottingham in the UK. I love the band, I just wish they were named differently. You can’t help but sound like a suicidal teenager when people ask for your favourite band!

thinking It’s 1.30pm and I should be eating lunch. Today is running away with me and as soon as I clear 10 emails, another 20 come in to fill their place.

smelling the skinny latte with sugar free vanilla that’s sitting in front of me from Starbucks in a red cup. A RED CUP. This officially makes it Christmas. The big guy will be making his delivery in no time.

wishing the boy didn’t have to wait until Thursday for his final test. It’s been put back slightly due to scheduling. He’s passed the test that determines whether he’s put forwards, so fingers crossed Thursday goes well.

hoping lots of people turn up to my high-end fashion pop-up this Saturday in Chelsea/South Kensington. I’m going to be styling and everything 😉

wearing black leggings, over the knee boots and a mixed top with leather shoulders. It’s casual at home wear that nobody can see, apart from you, obvs.

loving the new cookies & cream fudge Brownie recipe that I’ve just learned from Lorraine Pascale. It takes no time and tastes totally delicious. I’m getting into this whole baking thing!

wanting the new Long Frill Trench Coat by Burberry. Seriously stlylin’.

needing to see James Bond. It’s now been out for months and I’m still to see it. This makes me a bad Bond geek.

feeling excited for Christmas. I bought my first presents this week. The ASOS discount that I got by completing challenges on Yourvine definitely helped with this.

clicking through which is the fruition of months of work by my team to help promote the Samsung GALAXY Camera. I’m currently a very proud mother hen.

This week will see a busy Mel, with lots on at work, a Lovestruck premiere, review at Harrisons Brasserie by Rich Stein and a designer pop-up on Saturday. Breath!

Happy Monday. Stay awesome.

M xox

Oct 25 2012

Internet Trolls: A Message Just For You

Yo, yo, yo. Yeah you, internet troll over there…. I feel bad. I never acknowledge you. You spend hours writing comments and what do you get in return? Zilch.

So, I decided to record you a video, I hope that you enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image

Heart felt love.

M xox

p.s. for my internet companions, I’ve uploaded a version that I hope you can access here. The music was meant to be “Lily Allen, Fuck You” but apparently YouTube doesn’t like that. Apologies.

YouTube Preview Image

Mar 24 2011

Twitter Offenders: which type are you?

We’ve all experienced it… the person who takes up 3 tweets to send one message, the person who finds themselves hilarious… hopefully I’m not the only one who knows people like this?!?

I know that you’ll be stuck with that song in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome. Truly.

Happy Thursday. Much love, M xox

Dec 8 2010

Twitter was almost called “Fleeting”!

Jason Goldman, VP of Product at Twitter takes to the stage, interviewed by MG Siegler of TechCrunch.

They start by discussing the Instagram integration which was launched yesterday along with SlideShare which means that these platforms will now be rendered on the righthand side of the Twitter application, without having to go off to another site, making it a seamless experience. This an area of focus that they will continue to grow.

Jason says that Twitter’s strength is that they have something for everybody – their next challenge is helping people to find relevant content more easily from the mass of content being produced. He then adds that he originally tried to persuade Biz to change Twitter’s name to Fleeting but this was never to be… rightly so!

Then comes the big announcement, Jason informs the audience that he’ll be leaving Twitter at the end of the month and staying on as an advisor. The move comes after Dick Costolo’s appointment as new CEO and given that he’s not moving to another role, I think it’s safe to assume that he had been asked to step down.

It’s clear that Jason is hugely proud of Twitter and the company that it’s become today, always staying true to it’s goals of remaining open and transparent, driving ambition with humility. The main message to have come out of the presentation was that Twitter have now built stability in their scaling and can work to continue the development of an amazing product and more great clients for use.

Nov 24 2010

Design Resources For You

Howdy girls and guys!

Apologies for being so slack at updating the blog of late, things have been crazy mental since going freelance and I’m more than aware that I’ve been neglectful. That’s all about to change, I promise – watch this space.

Now some of you may have seen that I’ve recently been working on pulling together some resources for designers. I recently created the World’s Biggest List of Design Resources…

Today I launched the World’s Biggest List of Influential Tweeters…

… and created this Twitter list to make your life just that little bit easier if you wanted to follow them.

If there’s anything else that you’d like to see that you’d find helpful, let me know and I’ll see what magic wands I can wave!

M xox

Sep 14 2010

twitter adds locations

with twitter being a huge part of my life, i can’t help but pay particular interest when i notice new features. i was therefore particularly interested when i just logged in to find a shiny new box….. locations!

now as far as i’m aware, this isn’t something that’s particularly new, depending on the client that you use – but this will be a visual display of your location. much like foursquare, you’ll have to manually choose whether or not to show your location and remember to turn on and off where appropriate.

i don’t think i’ll be using locations yet…. the thing missing for me is that if i wish to show my location, this is displayed to the whole of the interwebs and not just my friends as i can currently do on the likes of foursquare. i’d love to get your thoughts on the latest addition though!

Oct 8 2009

signs that you’re a g33k!

yes you! you’ve always suspected you might be, but now there’s definite indicators for you to check!

as always, i’d love your input in the comments below and thanks to those who have already helped with the making of this on twitter 🙂

love you all xox

Sep 17 2009

signs that you may have a twitter addiction

i’ve always feared that i could have a twitter addiction, but given the regular appearance of the 503 error page, it’s become more apparent than ever. so i thought that it might be helpful to outline some of the symptoms…

i wonder if there are any help groups that exist…. hmmm….

happy thursday 🙂