Jun 30 2011

Nursery Rhymes… The Truths

Bu now, you’ll know that I like to do my bit to help the public… this often means dispelling untruths. It’s my duty in life.

Today’s a little random, so I thought I’d take a look at nursery rhymes…

YouTube Preview Image

You’re totally welcome.

Love, M xox

p.s Music courtesy of Felony Disco. They’re pretty freakin’ awesome!

Apr 7 2011

Emails never to send on a dating site

So, after last week’s video… it appears that more and more of you are venturing into the land of online dating and I’ve had lots of emails asking for advice. I should point out that whilst I used to work for a dating company, I’m completely clueless and thus single.

However, experience alone tells me that there are certain things you should never send in a first email. Before you press send, you might want to check out these things to avoid:

YouTube Preview Image

Again, no need to thank me. If you have more questions or comments that you want to make, be sure to use the comments below. Alternatively, if you’re really shy, my contact details can be found on the About Me page.

Happy freakin’ Thursday!

M xox

Mar 24 2011

Twitter Offenders: which type are you?

We’ve all experienced it… the person who takes up 3 tweets to send one message, the person who finds themselves hilarious… hopefully I’m not the only one who knows people like this?!?

I know that you’ll be stuck with that song in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome. Truly.

Happy Thursday. Much love, M xox

Mar 17 2011

What type of shopper are you?

All shoppers have a style… you know the types, the leisurely browsers, the ones on a mission and those that are, just, well… clueless!

In this week’s video I explore the different types of shopper and ask the question… which type of shopper are you?

Answers in the comments below please. Come on share and bare!

Much love, M xox

Feb 17 2011

You know you’re getting on a bit when…

Groan when you get up? old enough to by a grandmother in gypsy years? Wear a coat and scarf out on a Saturday night? Welcome to my world. As 30 quickly approaches, I take the opportunity to share with you a few signs that you might be knocking on a bit. No need to thank me, honestly.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on other obvious giveaways… plus you know, comments make me smile.

Happy Thursday!

M xox

Feb 25 2010

topless isn’t always good!

well with me being a real life cupid (albeit unable to sort my own love life it would appear), i’ve put together some tips and advice for things to avoid when posting your profile picture to a dating site. i’m nice like that. no need to thank me, honest. oh, go on then!

if you happen to have anything to add to the list, feel free to leave a comment. comments make me smile 🙂

love ya x

Feb 15 2009

random thursday video 1 year anniversary, hip hip hooray!

Randommel's 1 Year Anniversary

it’s with much pleasure and squealing delight that i make it to my first year’s anniversary of the randommel weekly thursday videos and i’ve had a blast!

i’m often asked how it all came about and the truth is by accident, and boy what a great accident (if only they could all be that good, given how accident prone i am). so this time last year, i was in charge of organising the future of web apps miami event whist working at carsonified.

i wanted to do a little promo for the event to show how excited i was, but didn’t want to speak (you know what it’s like to hear your own voice!). feedback was great and what girl doesn’t like a little boost to her ego?

the next week was valentines and it seemed there was a lot going on, so i did another. before you know it i’d done a couple and when i forgot to do them or thought that i’d done enough, i’d get emails asking for more and so they continued.

i’ve had amazing support from you all over the past year, dedicated regular viewers and even some videos in my honour. i often pinch myself as it all seems too good to be true, but  it’s then i remember what industry we’re in… the best one in the world!

so, thank you! as long as they’re welcome, they’ll continue!

m xox

Jan 29 2009

here’s what i’ve learned about dating sites…

as you’ll know (because i’ve harped on about it so damn much!), i’m now in windsor, settled and happy, thanks to you all for your well wishes. as research for the new role, i took it upon myself to undertake in-depth research and i thought it only fair to share my findings with you…

YouTube Preview Image

if you take away one thing and one thing only from this video, let it be “manscaping”… no need to say anything more!

happy thursday 🙂

m xox