Dec 20 2012

Funny signs you’re getting old

Having been out last week, I got home, put on the heating, boiled the kettle and set about separating my laundry that needed washing by colour. As soon as I realised exactly what I was doing, it made me question when exactly I grew up…

If you’ve ever experienced the same thing or repeating what your parents told you as a teenager, this video goes out to you my friend.

YouTube Preview Image

I’d love to hear your stories too, you know that you want to make me feel better!

Have a fantastic Christmas, I’m sending festive love to you all, you guys are awesome.

M xox

p.s. sorry for the lack of ‘Monday Currently’, I was having issues with the site… all resolved now. Service will consume as usual. Is that a sigh of relief I hear? I thought so! 😉

Dec 6 2012

Tips on how to avoid the doghouse this Christmas!

18 sleeps. 18 SLEEPS. EIGHTEEN SLEEPS. That’s all that separates me from the big man, Santa. Oh yeah, baby.

With so little shopping time left to go, boys, it’s time to start thinking of gifts for your loved ones. Yes by loved ones I mean family, your mates (unlikely I realise), but most importantly your partner. You see, your partner holds the power to make Christmas one of the most special or painful times of year.

So without further ado, let me give you some tips to keep you out of the doghouse this Christmas.

YouTube Preview Image

Probably worth also noting that you could buy the most amazing gift in the world, but if you rock up at 4am on Christmas morning having been out with the lads the night before, leaving you incapable of eating Christmas dinner… it’s going to be an uphill struggle.

I’d love to hear from you, so make me happy and leave me a comment.

Much Thursday love.

M xox


Dec 5 2012

Perfect Gifts For Your Geek This Xmas

It’s officially 20 days until Christmas. That means that there’s only 19 more sleeps, 473 hours, 28377 minutes or 1,702,757 seconds to go. Not much shopping time at all.

Given that I’m a not-so-secret geek, it’ll come as no surprise that technology’s at the top of my list for the big guy this year… as it is most years. Well, that and Miu Miu bags of course (geeks can style too!).

This year’s top gadget has to be the Apple iPad Mini. Yes, yes, I’m still a fan girl. I’m OK with that. If your loved one is lucky enough to already have bagged themselves the iPad Mini, here are some accessories you might want to consider to keep it company:

Merino Wool Felt Charcoal Case with Leather Straps £19 on Etsy.


Keep your iPad Mini nice and warm in this lovely felt case… the pop of colour on the straps are guaranteed to make it stand out from the crowd.

Sock Monkey iPad Sleeve £15.50 on Etsy.


A sensible case a little too grown up for you? This sock monkey comes to order and is quite frankly CUTE!

Pro Quality  Fisheye, Telephoto, Wide Angel and Macro lenses from £12 from Photojojo.


For all of those budding photographers out there, these lenses allow you to clip on to the camera

JBL Wireless Speaker for iPad Mini – £124 on JBL.


An absolute must for all of those Spotify fans out there like myself. Turn your iPad into an entertainment system with this speaker!

Charging Dock for iPad £1 minimum bid on Kickstarter.


Now that Apple is no longer making their beloved charging dock, this is a must-have purchase from a kickstarter funded project.

If your loved one is like myself and getting into cooking (just call me domestic goddess!), why not consider this kitchen friendly stand? It’s £21 from Chef Sleeve.



Of course, if none of that whets your appetite, there’s always the DODOcase that I wrote about a few weeks ago, which you can have personalised with your very own message. Now, that’s love!

Many of these products are shipped from the States, so be sure to order them nice and early. Oh and it’s always handy to get the iPad Mini first too, which you can pick up from Carphone Warehouse  😉

If you think I’ve missed a must-have accessory, leave a comment. Anything that helps me stay hip and down with the kids is always appreciated!

Much love,

M xo

Dec 24 2009

merry merry christmas

after years of randomness, i wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. i appreciate all of your comments, tweets and follows. you make the web a wonderful place, and for that, i thank you.

i promise, no more dancing, singing or random stupidness at least for another 7 days.

again, sincerely, thankyou. i heart you all.

m xox

Dec 17 2009

nakedness at the christmas party!

well the christmas season is well and truly upon us and the christmas parties are flowing… i thought that it would be a good idea to give you tips on things to avoid to ensure that you start january with your job in tact!

i’d love to hear your tips and even better to see your pics… enjoy peeps… you make the web a wonderful place!

m x0x

Dec 3 2009

secrets to a successful christmas

want to know how to keep the peace this christmas guys? looking to impress your girl? here’s all you need to know to keep  us sweet…

as i said, i have no clue when it comes to guys, so your help in the comments would go down a treat!

happy thursday, keep smiling 🙂

m xox

Dec 25 2008

random mel’s christmas speech

christmas comes only once a year and how fortunate it fell on a thursday this year 😉 to celebrate, i did my very own queen’s speech… well it wouldn’t be the first time i’d been called a queen now would it?

YouTube Preview Image

i hope that you have a fantastic christmas and that 2009 brings you much peace and happiness. thankyou for making 2008 a great year for me.

Yours truly,

hrh randommel xox

Dec 11 2008

getting into the christmas spirit

it’s getting to that time of year when you realise you still haven’t got your pressies and really should do something about it. i’ve pulled together a list of things for you guys that your gals will probably want this xmas. okay, maybe not your girls, maybe just me, but it might inspire!

YouTube Preview Image

thanks to andy for the fab tune! now back to polishing my halo to ensure santa brings me all that i wish for!

happy thursday lovely peeps x